Is it common for a person you dumped to completely ignore you and why can't they just say hello?

Yes its common. What exactly do you expect them to say to you? And they don't owe you a hello. They don't owe you anything. You dumped them. They may come around later, however and you'll be able to talk again. But for now, this person is just trying to heal. ~ T Lol! dont tell me you dont know?? the person is hurt alot because he/she loves you. Do u think it would be easy for someone to just say hi or wats up! when you already broke up with him/her. I dont think so! You broke up and the person is trying to get used to the fact that you broke up already. When he/she is ready trust me u will receive a phone call or you might bump into each other or something but trust me you will talk no matter what. Trust me it always happens i had 2 breakups and am freinds with both of them