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No, a vaginal yeast infection should not affect your cycle. Sometimes your cycle can change because of stress, which also incidently causes a yeast infection. However, not to freak you out...pregnant women also frequently get yeast infections. You might want to check that out just in case. I hope this helps a little...

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A vaginal yeast infection will not impact on your menstrual cycle at all.

Menstruation comes in accordance to your menstrual cycle, which is controlled by hormonal changes between reproductive organs. A yeast infection is nothing more than an overgrowth in the yeast that are always naturally prevent in your vagina, yeast has no effect on your hormones. If your period is late or you miss your period when you have a yeast infection it's just coincidence.

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Why do you get vaginal discharge?

Some vaginal discharge is normal and some is a sign of infection. The most common is the yeast infection which is thick ,white ,and itchy. An over the counter cream is in the drug stores that will help clear a yeast infection. You use it for 7 days to clear it.

CaN you get a vaginal infection after doing anal?

if you have normal sex then move to anal then back to normal then yes you can get an infection. almost guaranteed

Is vaginal odour after miscarriage normal?

You may have an infection. see a doctor.

You have vaginal discharge and am 11 is that normal?

Well, you might have a Urinary Tract Infection.

Can you get a yeast infection in your mouth?

Yes you canYes The most common oral fungal infection is caused by the yeast Candida, which is a normal constituent of the digestive and vaginal tracts. Candida, also called Monilia

Is it normal for a child to have vaginal discharge?

Its possible she has a yeast infection or bacteria infection any young child can get those

You are 10 years old and is it normal to have burning pains in the vaginal area?

No, burning in the vaginal area isn't normal. It could be a sign of infection or something. Best to see a doctor.

How can normal flora turn into a disease?

Normal flora, if disrupted, can multiply and turn into pathogens that cause infection. It does not become a disease, but rather becomes an infection. An example of normal flora becoming an infection is when women douche too frequently and normal yeast flora multiples and becomes a vaginal yeast infection.

Vaginal discharge missed periods unpleasent smell?

Missed periods can be from stress, diet, pregnancy or simply just missed periods (everyone misses periods sometimes!). If you fear you may be pregnant, please get a test. Vaginal discharge is completely normal, and usually you are the only person that notices the smell. If it is a powerful smell you may have an infection. If you feel irritation or pain, consult a doctor. Or if it goes on for over a week. You may have a urinary tract infection (UTI) if it burns or hurts when you urinate. If any symptoms go on for more than a week, please consult a doctor.

What is the difference between bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection?

Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection are both the results of imbalances in the normal flora of the vagina. A yeast infection involves an overgrowth of candida and related species. Odor is not a huge complaint of women with yeast. Symptoms may include redness and discomfort. The vaginal pH is normal. In contrast, bacterial vaginosis is a death of the protective bacteria in the vagina. Odor is a common complaint, but inflammation and irritation are not. The vaginal pH is usually higher than normal.

Is it normal for a woman to have discharges during and after ovulation?

some vaginal discharges are normal, but sometimes it means that you have a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. i would recommend going to the doctor if you are really concerned or confused

How can you stop fishy smell vaginal discharge?

Get treated. Get yourself checked out by a physician. Fish-like smelling vaginal discharge is not normal. It could either be an infection or an STD.

How long after giving birth to puppies should a dog have vaginal discharge?

vaginal discharge is common and normal for all intact female dogs, especially when in heat. vaginal dischage is not un-normal for dogs upto a week after giving birth.

Is it normal to discharge when you are 14 weeks pregnant?

An increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very common. It should be white or creamy and not blood-stained, itchy or smelly. If it is any of these see your doctor as you might have an infection.

Is it normal for a Thick creamy discharge 7days before period could this be a pregnancy sign?

This is not a common sign of pregnancy. It is, however, a common sign of vaginal infection. Please seek medical attention as some infections can cause scarring that may cause complications in pregnancy.

What is normal vaginal discharge after a hysterectomy?

Is a yellowish discharge and slight odor normal after vaginal hyserectomy

What does oder in the vaginal area mean?

Vaginal odor is normal, it should smell musky but clean and will change throughout your menstrual cycle as well as when you are aroused. If your vagina smells bad it can be a sign of a vaginal infection so you should see your doctor for tests and treatment.

What is this snotty looking vaginal discharge?

If it is clear, don't worry it's normal. If it is yellow or green or has a strong smell, you should check for infection.

What is normal spontaneous vaginal delivery?

it means child coming out of vagina. This is the most common process of birth.

What is normal spontaneous delivery?

Medically, a normal spontaneous delivery is called a "normal vaginal birth" or "vaginal birth without complications".

Is having daily vaginal discharge normal?

Yes it is normal to have vaginal discharge daily. A milky colored discharge is normal discharge

What causes vaginal fishy odor if no infection is presant?

Normaly when you're on your period that fishy smell occurs. Don't worry... It's perfectly normal.

Why do you smell in the vaginal area?

You Could Have an infection called Thrush witch is very Normal n is not a sexual desease yu dnt have to have all the symtons to have it.

Is it normal for a woman discharge to be thick?

It can be normal for a woman's vaginal discharge to be thick. However, if it is yellow, green or brown in appearance and has a particularly strong odour, it is advisable to see a doctor as there may be an infection.

Can drinking alot of water cure vaginal discharge and odor?

Sorry, you can't cure normal vaginal discharge. However if you have abnormal discharge or burning and foul odor you may have an infection, which should be treated by a doctor, not water.

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