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I could be. Physical abuse is the battery of another person. Emotional abuse, often just as devestating, is the domination and intimidation of another person and often eats away at their self confidence. No one should treat another person in the way you describe your husband treating you. He may need some anger management therapy; often anger is only an outward expression of inner pain, meaning that there may be some underlying issues you husband should address so that his emotions don't manifest as angry outbursts toward loved ones. Whatever the case, you shouldn't have to stand for being mistreated. Emotional abuse can turn into physical abuse in one second; get the help you need for your mairriage. Good luck. How do you define "Physically Aggressive'" ??? Is that grabbing , pushing shoving, Etc ????

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Q: Is it considered abuse if your husband and you have been arguing a lot and he has started getting physically aggressive towards you though has never hit you and it has happened more than once?
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