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I would say it's about the same, but I would also take a look into that person's feelings of self worth and insecurities considering that's usually why people do that. Indeed there can be some good reasons why a person could be this way. They could be depressed, on medications that alter their personality, doing drugs, drinking too much or be very insecure. Still, this is no reason for you to be their whipping post. Try to reason with the person and if they refuse to discuss their problems then it's time to move on. If this is a husband/wife then it's adviseable for the verbally abusive mate to go to the doctor for a good physical. You actually can phone in ahead and discuss with the girl at the desk in the doctors office that you would like a note attached to your mate's file regarding their verbal abuse.

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Can a customer verbally assault and threaten a retail worker?

NO. Verbal assault is illegal, and threatening someone is considered just as bad legally as actually brandishing a weapon.

What does the idiom chew someone out mean?

To chew someone out means to verbally attack them for something they did or didn't do

What are your rights if someone threatens you verbally?

you can report it to the authorities, or get a restraining order

Is it wrong for a parent to verbally abuse a child?

Yes, it is wrong for a parent to verbally abuse a child. If you or someone you know is doing this, please get professional help.

How can you love someone who verbally abuses you about past relationships?

You cant. ther is no way to love someone like that.

What does a rat mean?

Usually a rat means someone who is very sneaky and does illegal acts. For instance, someone who steals without anyone knowing would be considered a rat.

What is an attacker?

An attacker is a person who attacks someone or something.

What do you do if you have an emotionally and verbally abusive friend?

Why would you call someone who is "emotionally and verbally abusive" - your "friend"? Abusers cannot be friends because they lack empathy and the ability to truly love someone else or relate to others!

What is a definition of the term slander?

One person verbally misrepresents another person on purpose.

What can be don to someone verbally harassing you?

if its happening at work, you can get them sacked! go to your manager

Is it illegal to verbally threaten someone?

Yes if they get it on tape and take it to the pollice your toast

Can you sue for someone verbally bullying you?

Tape them on video and get a really persuasive lawyer.

What does bloodclart mean?

bloodclart is a jamaican curse word used to verbally offend someone

What is racist bullying?

Being mean physically or verbally to someone who is a different color than you.

What is verbal domestic abuse?

it's when someone in your family (or family-type)relationship verbally abuses you

What you call the behaviour that can include physically or verbally hurting someone over and over again?


What can you do if someone is verbally bullying you?

You can stand up for yourself. I know that may seem hard, but if you speak in a clear, strong voice it demands attention. The answer is NOT to verbally bully them back for then you'd be no better than them.

Can you view a twitter feed without them knowing?

There is no way of knowing if someone visits your Twitter.

When do you say it is just self defense?

When someone attacks you first. just make sure you have proof that it was self-defence but yes if someone attacks you physically first.

How do you hynotize someone without them knowing?

More importantly, how do you hypnotize someone?

How do you see if someone is registed at a hotel without them knowing online?

can you see if someone is registered at ahotel without them knowing and without them calling the hotel

What is a cyber attack?

when someone attacks you over the internet

Are you responsible if your dog attacks someone on their property?


How would someone suffering from anxiety learn to control panic attacks?

Someone suffering from anxiety can learn how to control their panic attacks by learning the signs and symptoms of panic attacks and learning relaxation techniques and how to control breathing. You can learn more about anxiety and panic attacks at the WebMD website.

What does aggressor mean?

It normally means a person who is physically verbally or both attacking someone or some thing