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Blood in your urine is not dangerous per se but requires evaluation, especially when accompanied with pain during urination. This could be something as common as a urinary tract infection or as painful as a Kidney Stone.

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If you pass a urine test can you pass a blood test?


Where does the flow of blood in women and urine pass?


How do you pass a shabu test?

To pass a shabu test you can either do a blood test or a urine test. But if you want to pass it you should take a blood test.

What happens to the blood passing through your kidneys?

The Blood pass through the kidneys and it made into a urine.

If you pass a urine test for marijuana will you pass a blood test for it?

yes thc leaves bloodstream well before its leaves urine. Bloodstream a couple of days max

How does an embryo get food and oxygen?

digested food and oxygen pass from the mother's blood to the embryo's blood by the placenta. wastes pass from the embryo's blood to the mother's blood . these wastes are passed out in the mother's urine

Can a man still have children if he pass blood in his urine?

No. Men can't have children. no mater what

Can you pass a urine and blood test in 4 days after only taking 2 hits.?


What should I do to pass my urine and blood test for drug Marijuana detection?

Don't use marijuana.

Can you put percocet in a clean urine test to pass?

No, and before you mess with dangerous prescription drugs, try to learn how to spell them.

How do you pass a urine test for a job?

If you don't do drugs, you will pass the urine test.

Is defecating always painful for a cat?

If your cat is in perfect health and its movements are regular, then no. Defecating - like humans and all other animals - is not painful unless they are constipated. A constipated cat will often strain in the litter box and even cry out. It can take days for a stool to pass, but this is not advisable to leave it for more than two days as this can be very dangerous. If you believe your cat is in pain trying to pass stool (or even urine), take it to the vet immediately.

How do you make your urine yellow if is clear?

Whenever we pass out the yellow urine, it means that various organism in our bodies like the white blood cells and bacteria have been killed. In most cases patients who take drugs to cure a certain medication usually pass out the yellow urine.

Will you be able to pass a methadone drug screen you two weeks?

blood, saliva , urine screens ,Yes (approx detection time in urine is 5-10 days)

Why do you need to pass urine after surgery?

One needs to pass urine after surgery to ensure the kidneys are functioning properly. Failure to pass urine indicates a renal problem.

Does it take longer to pass a urine test compared to a blood test?

It takes longer to pass a blood test. It can take 90 days to 6 months to pass a blood drug test. For a urine test depending on the drug it only takes 30 days. A lot depends on the drug and your body- metabolism, mass , etc.. Check my profile page for detection periods (for standard drug test).

At what rate does urine pass through the uterus into the bladder?

Urine does not pass through the uterus at all...

How do you pass urine while tucking?

To pass urine while tucking, first you have to un-tuck.

If you have cold urine would that pass for a drug test?

no, cold urine would not pass for a drug test. each urine sample has to be "body temperature", which is 98.6 degrees, to pass.

Can you pass a urine test if you smoked 3 days before the test?

It's really hard you have to drink so much water for a urine test to be clean but if it were a blood test no

When you have been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection can you pass blood clots in urine?

No. Blood clots in urine signify something more serious than a mere infection. See your doctor about it, and s/he'll figure out what exactly is going on.

What does it mean to pass a drug test?

To pass a drug test is to be screened for drugs via samples of blood or urine, and result with no drugs (of illegal variety) in said samples.

How are the kidneys related to the excretory system?

The kidneys are a part of the excretory system. They filter toxins out of the blood and pass them to the bladder as urine.

Can you pass a THC drug test in 7 days?

Hair test, no. Urine test, unlikely. Blood test, perhaps.

Can you do anything to help pass a nicotine urine test?

is there anything to help pass a nicotine urine test