Is it dangerous to swim in a pool that has bird poop?

I would guess if you were to jump in a swimming pool that does in fact has bird droppings skimming on the surface, from medically illustrating the situation, yes. For someone who goes and swims at a distance away from where the poop is floating near depending whether or not it may be fifteen feet or sixty feet breastrokes away, still might raise the imminent prognosis of you or your pal, family, (or a enemy) that you're swimming with risking the chance of becoming ill. This is something I never occured to me until now, and until now brought upon a case insofar people think it justifies hazard and melee. So I'll assume bird poop wouldn't be as dangerous in the pool than if you ate it, although it doesn't expel the difference it is not dangerous. Poop is in the pool, exceretory waste emanating from the bowels of a indignified bird four hundred feet or higher in the air who moved her or his bowels without emotion down into the very pool you're swimming in.
Pool is waste > Waste is germs > Germs is foul > Foul is bad.