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not to hard should be 4 bolts 2 under passinger and 2 on driver go to a junkyard and just get a seat from there to replase othrerwise it will cost a lot of $$$ to buy a new one from deler

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:12:56
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Q: Is it hard to replace a broken front seat on a 1994 Dodge Dakota and how would go about doing it?
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My 1990 dodge Dakota sport V6 gets around 450 miles on a tank of gas doing mostly hwy driving.

How to change oil in a 2003 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab pickup?

take out oil plug and filter if you dont know what your doing dont do

A c electrical wirind Dodge Dakota 2003?

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How long does it take to replace a power steering pump in 2000 dodge durango?

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Why your 1999 Dodge Dakota feel like you are starting out in third gear sometimes when you stop?

You need to have it checked. If it is in 3rd gear at stop signs, you are doing damage to the trans, by making it work harder to get moving.

When my 2000 4.7L auto dodge Dakota run for 2 or more hour it starts to rav up and down making jerky ride?

It could be your TPS (throttle position sensor). my 2000 durango was doing the same thing and that was the problem..

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The fuel filter is integral the the fuel pump module located inside the fuel tank. To replace the fuel filter, you must replace the entire fuel pump module (not cheap, so it's a 'last resort' repair and hopefully not the source of your problem). The filters are designed with a fairly massive amount of surface area and are usually unlikely to become plugged during normal, everyday use, so have your fuel pressure and output checked before doing that repair.

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