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I wouldn't think so.....

No, most paper has very little nutritional value and may contain chemicals that could be harmful, if not in the short term, then long term. Think about what the paper was made for, then think about eating something that was created to do the job it was created to do.

What do you think? (no)

This could cause an intestinal blockage and kill you.

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Q: Is it healthy to eat toilet paper to make yourself full?
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Why can't I put toilet paper in the toilets in Mexico?

Because the toilets will get full.

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Who invented bounty paper towels?

Bounty Paper towels were invented by Arthur Scott who had a railroad car full of toilet paper to sell but he could not sell it because it had been rolled too thickly. It was unusable as toilet paper. It was an accident to invent paper towels!

Why did authur Scott created paper towels?

Arthur Scott created the paper towel, because one day he received a train full of paper that he was going to use to make toilet paper with. But, the paper inside the train was to thick to make toilet paper. Recently Arthur had heard of a school teacher using pieces of paper for her children to blow their nose in, so as not to contaminate the bathroom toilet paper dispensers with germs. He decided to use his paper to do so also.

When was toilet paper invented?

"Its origin dates back as far as 1862." ~ Wikipedia ; full article at the link below .

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Causes for tub filled with feces and toilet paper?

The drain is plugged between the tub and the sewer or septic or in the case of the septic system, the tank may be full. The toilet had to go somewhere and the tub was available.

Why do people chew toilet paper?

One major reason for this is anorexia or other eating disorders. Some people suffering from these condition eat toilet paper (or other paper or tissue) to control their hunger, it is a way for them to trick their bodies into thinking they are eating and if they swallow the paper they are doing so to feel "full" without actually eating anything with calories or nutritional value.

Is eating paper for example clean toilet paper or hand paper for about 8 years now be harmful to you?

1. Y would anyone do that?! 2. No, it is actually full of fiber, which is good, but I wouldn't eat it. That's kinda gross.

Will a full septic tank cause the shower and toilet to flood?

If it is full, you can't put more in it, full is full. Flush the toilet, it is going to come up in the shower. == == == == == ==

How many trees would it take to make 4000 rolls of toilet paper?

About 384 trees. This is how many trees are used to make the toilet paper rolls that one American uses within his or her lifetime. Here is the math: "It takes 48 full grown trees to make roughly 500 rolls of toilet paper. So using that number it takes about 1/10th of an adult grown paper tree to produce 10 rolls of toilet paper. Every American in the United States, roughly 300+ million, uses at the very least 49 rolls of toilet paper a year. That is 5 trees a person." (from

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Is eating paper for example eating clean toilet paper or hand paper for about 8 years now be harmful to you?

1. Y would anyone do that?! 2. NO, it's acually full of fiber, which is good, but I wouldn't do that. U know Just In Case. Plus, It's GROSS!

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