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Is it illegal for someone to fire you for something you didn't do?


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May 25, 2008 1:57PM

Was it something you were supposed to do or something you were not allowed to do?

You could certainly be fired for something you didn't do, if it was your job to do it.

Firing someone for a false report of a violation is a more complicated answer and may depend upon what kind of contract you have, whether it is a civil service job, whether there are union rules, whether others have been fired for similar violations, whether you are a member of a protected class (race, age, etc), and many other factors.

If you were fired because someone falsely accused you they have slandered you, and have harmed you through constructive fraud. There is nothing complicated abut slander and fraud. An employer has the right to terminate an employee for whatever reason he wants, but to destroy the employees character is not a right.