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Is it legal for a 17 year old female and 18 year old female to get married without parental consent in the US?

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No, you can not legally get married at age 17 unless both of your parents and both of your partner's parents have given permission.

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Can a couple get married in Texas without parental consent if female is 17 and pregnant and male is 19 without parental consent?

Firstly both of you are minors , so no state will allow you to get married even if all the four parents give you both written permission.

Can a female at the age of 17 get married to a male 18 years of age without parents consent?

No she cannot. One must be at least 18 to get married without parental consent. It may be possible to get a court order.

At what age can you get married in Mississippi without parental consent?

In Mississippi, the age to get married without parental consent is 21 years of age. A male must be at least 17 and the female at least 15. Call the local court house and ask for the marriage license dept. They can tell you. It is usually what the age of maturity or consent is.

In what state can a minor boy marry a legal adult female?

There is no state where a minor can get married without parental consent or special circumstances/court approval.

Can you legally get married at 17?

Marriage laws vary from state to state. Most states allow minors below 18 to marry with parental and/or judicial consent. Some states allow female minors who are pregnant to marry without parental or judicial consent.

Can a 17 year old female marry a 20 year old male without parental consent?

No, you need parental consent if either person is under the age of 18.

Can a sixteen year old pregnant female and a seventeen year old male be married without parental consent in any US state where they are nonresidents?

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Can a 16 year old female get married to a 23 year old male with girls parents consent in Texas?

Yes. 16 is the lowest age at which someone can get married in Texas. But they must have parental consent.

Can a 16-year-old female get married to a 21-year-old man without her parents' consent?

There is no state that will allow someone under the age of 18 to marry without parental consent/court approval/special circumstances.

How can a 21 year old male a 17 year old female get married?

you can get married as young or old as you want. if you are under 18 you need parental consent.

Can a sixteen year old female and a nineteen year old male from Alabama get married in Georgia without parental consent if the bride is pregnant?

{| |- | No they cannot. You must be 18 to get married without parental permission. It may be possible to get a court order to allow it, but ins't likely. That is true in every state in the US and the countries in North America. |}

Can a 18 year old female marry a 17 year old male without consent in west Virginia?

No, they cannot get married. It will require parental permission, a court order or the age of 18 to do so.

How can a minor get married without parental consent?

AnswersThey can't. Although in certain situations a court will allow the age and parental consent requirements waived. Filing for a waiver is only possible in a few states and the decision is made at the discretion of the judge as to whether or not the request will be granted. In addition there are a few states that allow a minors to marry without parental consent or a court order; if certain circumstances exist and if the required documentation is presented at the time of the license application.In Georgia if you're pregnant you don't have to have your parents consent to get married just have to have proof of pregnancy!If you are a minor, either you don't get married, or you get your parents' permission.AnswerThe law will vary by state, but in most states you will need to file a petition for legal emancipation in order to make adult decisions. However, even legal emancipation might not help you. In California for example, even a legally emancipated can't get married without parental permission. The bottom line: it depends on the law of your state. MarylandTo marry without parental consent, a person must be at least 18 years old. However, if both parties are 16 years old or over and a physician certifies that the female is pregnant or has given birth to a child, the parties may marry without parental consent. When either the male or female or both is under 16 years of age, marriage is permitted only with parental consent and a physician's certification that the female is pregnant or has given birth.

Is a marriage legal if a 16-year-old male and a 20-year-old female living in Texas get married in Las Vegas NV?

In Nevada, you must have parental consent to get married if you are under 18. If you are 16, then you can get married in Nevada with parental consent. If you do have parental consent, then yes, the marriage would be considered legal in any other state. However, if you get married under false pretenses (fake id, forging consent signature from parent, etc) then the marriage is not legal in any state. It is illegal and invalid.

Can a 14 year old female marry in Alabama with parental consent?

No, the minimum age for marriage with parental consent is 16 in Alabama (for both males and females).

Where can minors marry without parents consent?

Pretty much nowhere in the US. Offhand I can't think of any state that allows those under the age of 18 to marry without parental consent, with two notable exceptions: In some states minors are allowed to marry despite not having parental consent if the female half of the couple is pregnant, and in some states a judge is allowed to give consent in lieu of parental consent (though in practice this tends to boil down to essentially the same thing, as a judge is unlikely to override parental authority without an extremely compelling reason, such as pregnancy).

Can a 16 year old female marry a 18 year old male in Canada with a parents consent?

Yes, in Ontario at least. 16 with parental consent, 18 without. yes

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