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Q: Is it legal for a dealership to repossess a vehicle that was not financed only a bank error without letting you correct the problem?
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What do you do if you had no insurance on a financed car and it was stolen?

Keep making payments on a car you don't have and learn your lesson about not letting your insurance lapse.

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How would an incarsarated family member return a new car to the dealership?

Well first off, it's not like he could get a refund. If he is simply going to let it get repossessed, he can have someone else drop it off & he can send the lienholder a letter stating he is voluntarily letting them repossess the vehicle, along with location of where it was left. Voluntary repossessions avoid additional charges, towing, repossession fees,etc.

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What are the consequences of letting a company repossess an auto when you are in over your head?

It would be in your best interest to try and negotiate something with your creditor. What will probably happen if they repossess your vehicle is that they will auction it off to the best bidder in an attempt to recover what you owe on the car. If the best bid does not cover the debt you owe, they will come after you for the balance. So you will be stuck paying the balance on a car that you don't even have anymore.

What happens when you stop financing a car that's been totatled?

You will Be put into collections for the remainder owing on the car and the intrest that ammount collects over the period of time it is owing. if you did not put the accident through your insurance you pretty much F@%&'d yourself. I have a 06 civic that was backed into in a HONDA dealership parking lot, by a HONDA employee, that is financed through HONDA. rigt now im considering letting them repo it... but i dont knowwhat thats going to do to my credit..

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Your husband died and you missed 2 payments can they repossess your bulldozer I have been trying to straighten everything he died at 43 and they have called with no compassion threatening repossession?

Yes they can still take the vehicle. I work for a repossession agency and I know that it sounds cruel, but the car does not belong to you until it is payed off. So by me saying that I am letting you know that your husband technically did not own the car yet and the loan has been in default so they can come repossess their collateral.

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