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NOT that I know of. call a local attorney for state specific advice. It's not a threat. Just a warning that IF YOU FORCE THEM TO APPLY FOR A WRIT OF REPLEVNA by refusing to surrender the car, you WILL BE ARRESTED. No! Creditors and/or their representatives cannot threaten to have you arrested or make threats period.

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Q: Is it legal for a repossession company hired by the lien holder to call and leave a message stating you will be arrested if they have to get a sheriff?
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Coroner will become sheriff when the sheriff dies or is arrested or relieved of his/her duty for what ever reason.

What happens at a sheriff's sale?

A Sheriff's sale usually is to sell off property that has been seized by a large judgement against someone or a repossession that has taken place.

Can a reposession company move other cars to get to the one being repoed?

Not by themselves. For this to happen, a sheriff, marshal, or police officer would have to let them do so and be present. The sheriff and marshal does not need a warrant; they only need the repossession order and/or a court order. The court order is dependent on the situation.

How can you find arrest records?

Contact the county Sheriff's Department where the individual was arrested.

Can you get arrested on a background check if done at sheriff station?

Of course. You just made their job easier!

What does is mean when repossession goes legal?

File a lawsuit against you and the sheriff comes out and forces you to give up the car. Do not give it up and you will likely be in jail.

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What will happen if you refuse to move out of your house that is being repossessed?

The local sheriff will have you moved bodily if necessary. If it comes to that you may be arrested.

If you do not turn your car over and the financial institution gets a court order can you be arrested if the repossession agent shows up with police?

Cheryl, the court order will instruct the sheriff to bring the car in or the debtor if the debtor cant/wont produce the car. Its called a 'writ of replevin".If the car has been STOLEN, go file a police report NOW. Otherwise, there's NO reason for you not to be able to produce the car for the nice sheriff. If you loaned it to someone, you can get them to bring it back to you,right? You wont have those options when the sheriff comes for the car. It will be you or the car then. Good Luck

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