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If you're not divorced, you're husband may still be responsible for your medical bills. Check the Family Law Code in your state...You would still be entitled to COBRA.

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Q: Is it legal for a spouse to drop you from their health insurance before you are divorced?
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Can a spouse cancel health insurance before the spouse files divorce?

It is not illegal for a spouse to cancel health insurance before another spouse files divorce. However, if a current legal separation agreement is in place that allows for health insurance, then it can not be cancelled.

Can you drop your spouse from your health insurance?

In general, there is no legal requirement that a spouse be insured on the other spouse's health insurance. A major exception to this general rule would be, for example, if the parties were to be divorced and a provision of the settlement agreement or judgment required otherwise.

How do you add spouse to health insurance?

how do you add spouse to your blue cross blue shield health insurance

Do you have to include spouse on health insurance?

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Employee and spouse health insurance coverage?


Divorced then spouse remarries then spouse take your child to hospital and signs forms as before divorce and as married now is this stating she is married to you and does it null and void your divorce?

No, but there might be a problem with the insurance provider.

Can a spouse cancel your health insurance before the divorce?

I believe you are both responsible for any bills incurred (such as health care costs) until you are divorced, so in some cases it would behoove a spouse to keep coverage on the other spouse so that they don't end up responsible for a large bill in the case of an accident or serious illness. However, if there is a separation agreement with a clause about neither party being responsible for any debts incurred after the signing of the agreement, one may be able to drop their spouse from insurance without issue.

Can an employer in NY deny coverage for a spouse is the spouse's employer offers health insurance?


Can you cancel your spouse's health insurance during a separation in Maryland?

That would not be a very nice thing to do, what you should do is write to your spouse and the insurance company, point out that you are now separated and indicating that you will no longer be paying for your spouses insurance after a fixed date in the future. This informs the insurance company of your intentions and allows your ex spouse to arrange their own health insurance.

Do you have to have insurance if im on your husbands health plan?

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Can an employer legally deny coverage for a spouse if the spouse's employer offers health insurance and the spouse is pregnant?

No. See link for citation.

Can group health insurance cover fees incurred by spouse at overseas?

I don't think so i think you need a special health insurance for that

How can one obtain individual health insurance after a divorce?

To continue individual health insurance after a divorce, one can apply for an insurance coverage under the Federal Law COBRA. It means that person will be covered by his/her ex-spouse's insurance plan obtained from the ex-spouse's own company or employer.

How do you switch to your spouse's health insurance?

If you and your spouse or partner are both eligible for employee health benefits, check out each company's health insurance options during open enrollment to see which may cost you less. But As you know very well that there are so many health insurance companies that are available. So it would be better if you first check and compare all the health insurance policies online.

Will Health insurance cover a prescription for a person to get a dog to help with depression?

Your health insurance will not cover your pets. It will usually cover children and spouse. Pets are not considered to be human beings by insurance companies.

Can a spouse keep military health insurance after divorce?

In the U.S. and Canada, a divorce normally disqualifies the spouse from military medical benefits.

Can your spouse cancel health insurance on you and his step children before the divorce is finalized?

I don't know about the legal ramifications but as a general rule, if an employee goes to his HR dept and asks to have his spouse and dependents removed from his health insurance policy they will do so without question. I don't think the employer has any obligation to require the employee prove they have the right to do so.

In Louisiana does a divorced spouse remain an insurance beneficiary?

Yes, if the owner of the policy does not file a change of beneficiary the insurance will have to pay the proceeds to the person who is named on the policy.

Can I continue to carry your ex-spouse on company provided health insurance after your divorce?

Generally, insurance companies do not allow an ex-spouse to be carried on a policy after a divorce. Children, however, are able to be carried.

How can an employer cover spouse and kids on health Insurance and then a year later say that the children are not covered because the other spouse has insurance coverage on the children?

Only one company can pay out on the health insurance so it is a waste of money being insured twice, and also it will save you the tax you are paying on the premiums.

In a marriage is the husband legally responsible to have health insurance for his wife?

A husband is not legally responsible to have health insurance for his wife. Many employees opt not to have health insurance for themselves. Health insurance is a voluntary election and no law exists making it otherwise. However, do be aware that any medical-related debts incurred by one spouse are considered "common" debts, and as such, the other spouse is legally required to pay for them. In the event of a divorce, said debts would be even divided between the spouses, even if only one spouse incurred them.

When married are children covered under spouse's health insurance?

In order for anyone to be covered under anyone's health insurance, they must be listed on the policy and a premium must be collected for them. If your spouse did not include their names on the plan and no premium is being collected for them, then they won't have coverage.

Is divorced Spouse Considered Next of Kin?

No. Once divorced, your ex-spouse has no legal relation to you. They are no longer your kin.No. Once divorced, your ex-spouse has no legal relation to you. They are no longer your kin.No. Once divorced, your ex-spouse has no legal relation to you. They are no longer your kin.No. Once divorced, your ex-spouse has no legal relation to you. They are no longer your kin.

What is advantage of spouse being on both health insurance policies?

the spouse should take the advantage of her husband. And she should not be strained and she should take rest.

Can a spouse be dropped off your health insurance while going through a divorce if they are able to obtain insurance through their employer?

Generally, your employer will allow you to remove your spouse only during an annual drop/add period. Legally, a spouse is not required to provide health insurance for the other spouse unless directed by court order. However, courts often have "standing orders" where in parties filing divorce are prevented from doing such things.