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They obtain a warrant and confiscate it.

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What to do when you are wrongly accused by your school of harassment?

There are a few things you could do if you are wrongly accused by your school of harassment. You could hire an attorney.

What should you do if you were falsely accused of harassment?

The best course of action when accused of harassment is proving your are innocent. You can show documents and present witnesses to help you prove your position.

Who accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment?

Anita Hill

Who accused Bill Clinton of Sexual harassment?

paula Jones

Why did the Martin show get cancelled?

Gina accused martin for sexual harassment.

Whose wife falsely accused Joseph of sexual harassment?

Potiphar's Wife

What Supreme Court justices was accused of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearings?

Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill. He attacked his accusers in the Senate Confirmation hearings head on, though, by refering to it as "nothing more than the high tech lynching of an uppity black man." His appointment was confirmed.

Was Clarence Thomas confirmed as a Supreme Court justice after Anita Hill accused him of sexual harassment?

Ultimately, Thomas was confirmed for the Supreme Court; the controversy, however, had a lasting effect on the nation's understanding of sexual harassment.

If you go to the cinema with the boy you like and he doesn't make a move does it mean he doesnt like you?

He could be shy, or he could be worried about be accused of sexual harassment.

What is the average cost of hiring a sexual harassment attorney?

There are many attorneys who will take your case at no charge. They only get paid if they win the case. This is true if you are the victim. Cost of hiring a sexual harassment attorney because you are the accused can vary greatly, depending on who you retain.

Which president got charged with sexual harassment?

Bill Clinton was accused of sexual harassment while he was governor of Arkansas. A state employee , Paula Jones filed a civil suit over the incident and eventually received am out-of-court cash settlement from Clinton.

Many personal freedoms and the rights of accused people protected by the?

Bill of rights

What US president was accused of murder?

I do not think any US president was accused of murder by legal authorities. Political enemies have labeled various president as killers or murders. Vice President Aaron Burr was accused of murder after he killed Hamilton. He fled from prosecution and the charges were eventually dropped.

How would the people of a city treat those accused of witchcraft?

They would report such people to the religious authorities who would then try & execute such people.

Both Sides Of The Harassment Coin?

When you talk about criminal activity, one of the most common things that police have to deal with is harassment. This is a difficult area of law because it brings into question things like free speech. How much can you say to a person until you have crossed over the line? This is where harassment lawyers make their money. For those people who have been accused of harassment, attorneys are generally able to fight successful for their rights in front of the court. There are multiple degrees of harassment, as well, so it's important to understand that at the beginning.Basic, second-degree harassmentHarassment can take many forms, but this one is most common. This is a misdemeanor charge and it usually happens when a person will not leave another person alone after repeated attempts by the victim to make it stop. Though most people think that harassment can only happen in person or over the phone, this is not really the case. In today's world, harassment can happen via email, over instant messenger, or even through some of the social networking sites. Police are getting better and better at tracking down people who use the internet to harass others.When someone is accused of harassment, a harassment lawyer will usually look to establish that individual's right to free speech. The Constitution allows free speech to a certain extent, and the line is a blurry one. It's not often easy to know when you have crossed the line and violated another person's rights. This type of uncertainty is where attorneys make their money. Most of these cases are somewhat mundane in nature, since no physical damage has taken place. Because of that, a good harassment attorney can work with the state and the victim to make sure that the accused gets the best possible shake.The rights of victimsThere are some harassment attorneys that work for the rights of victims. Though the state will ultimately pursue the criminal charges against an accused person, a harassment lawyer will help the victim with the paperwork filing and will help that person understand her rights. There may also be civil ramifications for certain types of harassment, so these attorneys will help a victim that wants to sue damages. This is an entirely different side of the coin and requires a different skill set than a person who is defending an accused harasser.

Why did Jesus have trouble with both the Jewish leaders and Roman authorities?

Jews accused him of crimes against their teachings; Romans saw him as a threat to the Roman Empire

If you are accused of harassment 2nd- physical contact and assault with intent causes physical injury and you were offered a disorderly conduct instead. should you take the offer or not?


What happens if you get arrested for harassment?

Harrassment is normally a misdemeanor criminal offense. After being arrested, you will then be granted or denied bail, and will go through the entire process of being accused of a crime.

Can you get sued by a third party for his personal injury if you were an employee of a manufacturer who is accused of negligence in design?


What happened to Harold Reynolds?

Reynolds was fired by ESPN in 2006 after several women accused him of sexual harassment. He sued ESPN for wrongful termination and settled out of court. He is currently a broadcaster for

How could the problem of sexual harassment best be solved?

Fire those who do it. When the Chief Executive Officer of a major retailer was accused of sexual harassement of the staff, the CEO was immediately sacked by the Board of Directors.

In which year was Galileo summoned to rome by the church authorities?

In 1633, he was summoned by the Church and was accused of heresy because of his book The Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems.

When a harassment report is filed does the person doing the harassing get notified?

Yes. When a person is being accused of doing something, be it in a court of law or in the workplace, they are notified of the situation. A report can not be placed into an employee's file without first notifying the employee of the report. They (management) will then take whatever measures deemed pertinent in the specific situation. The person being accused of harassment has the right to face their accuser in a court of law, if this is a civil matter, and has the right to defend themselves of the accusations. If it is in the workplace, depending on evidence compiled or lack thereof, the employee being accused of harassment also has avenues to defend themselves against the accusations. In either case, expect that the employee will either fight the accusations or be fired or quit. Remember that a person filing a harassment charge or report is protected under federal law from reprisals. This means that you can not, under any circumstances, be punished for filing the report. If you feel that you are being "picked on" because of it, seek the advice of an attorney or the Department of Labor.

Judges who use their position to further their personal right-to-life agenda might be accused of?

judicial activism

my son got expelled from school for being fasely accused of being sexually arroused. how can i find a lawyer in my area to represent this case?

Depending on the case, it may vary, but look in this index of sexual harassment attorneys. They should be able to shine some light on your case.

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