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Yes it is legal. Just like it is legal for an employer to deny employment because of past convictions.

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Can a tenant refuse entry to their landlords in the state of Florida?


If you were convicted of a felony 7 years ago and are now looking for an apartment to rent will background checks go back that far and if not is it better to answer no to the felony question?

If you did your time you paid your debt. Tell the truth. Many towns and cities have ordinances that allow landlords to refuse to rent to convicted felons. However, you can be evicted if you lie and it is found out.

Can an employer refuse to hire someone who was charged with a felony but the charges were dismissed?

Employers can refuse to hire anyone for any cause. Just because you are qualified does not mean that they must hire you and nobody else.

Can a landlord or rental agent refuse a personal check as rental payment?

There is nothing that prohibits that refusal - the tenant can always go get a cashier's check. Some landlords will refuse personal checks if the tenant has bounced checks in the past. Also, some landlords will insist on only taking cash, then refuse to give a receipt. Only an idiot would pay cash and not get a receipt.

Can you travel to Canada with an expunged felony?

I believe so. However, Canada can refuse to admit you if they wish.

What is a sentence with the word refuse in it?

I refuse to love you. Refuse the bad idea!

How do girl refuse the date?

Girls refuse dates because they are not interested in you

What is retention money or security money?

When you rent an apartment, landlords usually ask for a security deposit equal to a month's rent. Renters can potentially cause all sorts of problems for landlords, they can damage the property that they rent, they can refuse to pay their rent, etc. This way landlords have at least some ability to penalize a tenant who causes these kinds of problems, by refusing to return the security deposit (in part or in full).

What could a peasant not refuse to do?

a peasant cannot refuse to do is anything because it is an order for him

Can you refuse a visit with a parent at 16 in mo?

Not if there are court orders. It's a Class D felony under RSMO 565.156 sub. 5

Will a dismissed marijuana possession case be a reason for inadmissabilty to countries outside of USA?

That would depend on the country, but it's extremely unlikely. Even if the case had resulted in a conviction most countries probably wouldn't refuse admission on that basis, but since you were never convicted there's very little chance they would refuse to admit you solely because you were charged.

Why do you have hairy legs?

Because I refuse to shave them

Why does gatsby refuse?

because his friend died

Can hospitals refuse service because of judgment?


Can they deny you on a rental application if you answer yes when asked if anybody in the household has been convicted of a felony?

Yes. They can also refuse felons for jobs, loans, et cetera.

Can prior felony charge keep you from buying a home in a mobile home park?

I doubt very much if there is any way it would technically prevent you from 'buying' . However the park has the right to grant or refuse any tenant application to live on their land, felony or not.

Does Percy refuse immortality because of Annabeth?


What is the present tense of refuse?

Refuse is present tense.I refuseWe refuseYou refuseHe/she refusesThey refuse

Why does Proctor refuse to sign a confession?

He refuse to sign his name because he's not a witch and he never signed the devil's book. Because of his name he can't have another name in his life.

Why does your Google Chrome constantly refuse to load pages?

Chrome would refuse to load pages because of the lack of internet connection. Or it could be because the pages would be unresponsive.

Can a landlord refuse to rent you an apartment because you're a goth?

No. A landlord has no right to refuse to rent you an apartment because of your race religion sexual preference have children or on social assistance.

Would refuse be a verb?

yes because you are refusing something

Why do some men refuse polygamy?

Because they did not want disagreement.

Who did Rosa Parks refuse to move for?

She refuse to give up her seat to a white person because she was tired and had just gotten off of work.

Can a landlord refuse to accept your rent payment?

Some states have laws that say a landlord cannot refuse the rent, if the tenant has all the rent owed. If the tenant only has some of the rent, all the statutes I know of also say that the landlord can reject a partial payment. Many landlords will say, "Look, if you don't have it all, keep what you have, and use it to move."