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It is NOT legal to enter a garage in any state to repo a car, unless the repossession agent has a replevin order issued by the court that holds jurisdiction. Call a local attorney.

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Q: Is it legal in Maryland for a repo agent to enter your closed garage at night to repossess your vehicle?
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Are they allowed to repossess a car from a closed garage in an apartment building in California?

IF they did not break into the garage(ie; someone let them in)

Is it legal to repossess a vehicle out of an open garage?

Yes it is and they can tow your car away if you are parked at work! * In the majority of US states a repossession agent cannot remove a vehicle from a garage locked or unlocked, closed or open unless the agent has a replevin or other type of court order.

If my garage door is open can they come in and repossess my car in Arizona?


Can you go on a persons property to repossess a vehicle?

In general, yes, provided that there is no "breach of the peace", which means that you cannot break into a locked garage or cause any damage to property.

Can a repo man come into your garage to repossess a car?

yes if it is open

What are the North Carolina vehicle repossession laws?

When a debtor is behind on payments, NC law allows the lender to take possession of, or "repossess" the vehicle. A repo company on behalf of the lender can take the vehicle at anytime, anywhere that the vehicle is found and accessible. If the vehicle is in a locked fence or garage then the repo company cannot force entry to get to the vehicle.

Can tow trucks repossess your car on a private parking lot?

Yes they can, I have seen repossessions happen in your driveway as well. The only problem that would occur is if they broke into your garage to reclaim the vehicle.

Can a repo man enter your closed but unlocked garage and take your vehicle when you are not home?

Most courts have ruled that you CANT enter a closed dwelling. Carport yes, garage NO. Call a local attorney NOW with the facts and any witnesses you have. Good Luck

Can a repo company break into your garage to repossess your vehicle in the middle of the night?

No. The repossession agency/agent can obtain a replevin order to be served on the person to whom the vehicle is registered and if said person(s) do not comply they can be held in contempt of a court order.

Do you have the right to go on the property to repossess a car in the state of Georgia?

Yes, as long as it does not constitute a breach of peace, such as attempting to remove a vehicle from a locked or unlocked garage. Unless the property is legally posted.

Can lender come into the borrowers backyard to repossess a vehicle?

Yes, as long as the action does not constitute a breach of peace. The repossession agent may not however, remove a lock on a gate or enter a closed structure such as a garage whether it is locked or not. In a few states the repossessor cannot enter posted property, or can only do so at their own risk.

Can a repo man break an automatic garage door opener to repossess a car?


In the state of Maryland can a Repo man come into your garage to repossess your car?

No it is breaking and entering.But that does not mean they won't try.After they get the car it is theirs so even if you get the repo guy/lender for B+E they still keep the car.

Can your wife run your hybrid vehicle which is said to have cleaner exhaust than intake inside a closed garage?

no because it still puts out co2

If you let your car run in a closed garage what poisonous compound will be produced?

Carbon monoxide (CO). This isn't only produced by a vehicle running in a closed garage; it can happen in many situations and because the gas is undetectable by those immediately exposed to it, it can prove a major health problem.

What does garage mean?

A garage is a noun meaning a place to store a vehicle.

Is it breach of peace to remove a vehicle from a closed garage?

In some places it is not permitted for a repo man to enter a closed garage. In California, for example, a repo person can come on to private property to locate and take a vehicle, but cannot enter a locked placed, can't go inside the house, can't threaten or bully. This is not universal. In some areas the repo man can break open locks, etc.

Your car was reposessed out of your garage at home it that legal?

Yes, if it was not locked. They cannot breach the peace to repossess a vehicle but they can come on your property to get their property, namely the car you do not own. It is their car until you pay for it. So legally they have only recovered their property.

Will homeowners cover a friends vehicle running through your garage door?

Yes, It will cover your garage door, but will not cover your friends vehicle.

In Minnesota Can a repo person take your vehicle out of your garage when you are not home?

This question is fundamentally flawed. The repossessor is not removing *your* vehicle from the garage - they're taking *their client's* vehicle - so the answer is YES.

Where can the repo company legally repo cars?

Anywhere except Federal Property (unless they have the necessary permits and licensing) and Native American Reservations (unless they have the permission of the tribe). So, pretty much anywhere. The single exception is that they may not enter a closed building such as a garage, however, if the can successfully hook the car from outside the garage, most states will turn a blind eye to the vehicle being dragged out an open door. And, if you have the vehicle closed in the garage, the driver will attempt to request you surrender it. If you refuse, likely as not he will return with a replevin and a law enforcement officer to take possession of the vehicle. Just give it up.

Are there any decent classic car insurers that do not require the vehicle to be stored in a garage?

Most insurance companies want you to keep your vehicle in a garage.

Can you take your car to your choice of garage under a warranty?

You can take the vehicle to a dealership of your choice that sells that make vehicle, not just any garage.

Can a SUV be repossessed from a closed garage in Georgia?

No that is called breaking and entering.But stupid things like breaking the law have never stopped some repo companies.You should sue the lender not the repo criminnal.Check for damage and file a police report.Then sue you don't need a lawyer you represent yourself. The repo company cannot "Breach the Peace" to get a vehicle. In short, that means they cannot; pull you over or make you stop while driving down the road. Or, physically remove you from your vehicle. They must leave your property when requested to do so. They connot enter a closed private garage. Remember, the rules of leaving property are different for (home owner v. renter, public garage, apt. complex etc.) Keeping a vehile listed for repossission in a closed garage will help you out in the short term. The repo company can and will go back to the lender and obtain a court order to come inside the garage and take possession of the vehicle. This may take a matter of two weeks to a month. If that is all the time you need to get caught up or file the necessary BK paperwork it might be a good plan. But keeping the vehicle in a closed garage will not help out forever.

Is it illegal in the state of Wisconsin to repossess a vehicle?

No it is not illegal, in fact it is quite legal and usually occurs as I was informed when you are 74 days past due. There is the same peaceful rule. In other words if you object or keep the car locked in a garage they can not force you to relinquish.