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If it is your property then you would not be breaking in regardless of how you chose to enter or had to enter (as when locking oneself out) the property. Obviously this does not apply if there is a court order stating otherwise due to marital problems or something of that nature.

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Q: Is it legal to break into your own house?
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Is it illegal to break in to someones house?

No it is not illegal to break into someone's house. If your just gonna live in their house then yes its legal to break in

Is it legal to break into a house you were evicted from?

No, if you were evicted you no longer have a lawful right to enter.

What is the legal age of moving out of parents house and living on your own?


Is it legal to break in a house you used to live in?

It probably is illegal to break into a house even if you used to live there. I suggest that you just ask the new owner if you forgot something there.

Is it legal to change locks on door if a spouse moves out?

yes it is alswyas legal as long as you own the house

Is it legal to bury a dog in Phila pa?

If you own the property.(that is if you burying it at your house)

Are you aloud to break into your own house?

I wouldn't say your 'allowed' to, but it's possible.

How do you resign from a legal contract on a house?

That will be specified in the contract. If it is a lease, you may break the lease if the house is not livable, or by following the terms in the lease.

Is working on a house you don't own legal?

If you are renting I would contact the owner for permission to do repairs or work on the house.

What happen if you break a legal contract?

what happens if you break a legal contract

What age can own the house In ca?

18 plus-you have to be a legal adult to be bound by contract.

Is it an offense to break into your own home if a partner locks you out?

NO coz it's ur house!! NO coz it's ur house!!

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