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not in the UK. In the UK it is illegal to hunt on sundays, except shooting birds in some districts.

In South Africa you may hunt any day during the season, this is also the case in Germany

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Is it legal to hunt deer in your backyard?

It's not legal to hunt deer in your backyard.

Is it legal to deer hunt with a 223 in wv?

it is legal to hunt deer with a 223 in wv but it only has to be a .25 cal for rim fire

Is it legal to eat deer?

Deer meat is called venison. It is legal to eat venison. Venison may come from farmed deer, in which case there are no restrictions. To eat wild venison, you would have to research local hunting laws to see when it is legal to hunt deer, how many you are allowed to hunt, and how you can get a permit to hunt deer.

Is it legal to hunt albino deer in Michigan?

Yes, it is legal to hunt Albino White tailed Deer in Michigan. A lot of people will say no its not but since early 2009 it has been legal.

Why is it legal to hunt deer?

it is legal because deers reproduce very fast and there needs to be balance,so it is legal mainly because there cannot be to much deer.

Is it legal to hunt bobcats?

yes its just like hunting fox and deer

Is it legal to hunt deer with a 22 magnum rifle in North Carolina?

No. .243/6.5mm is the minimum allowed for deer in NC.

Is it legal to hunt deer?

yes, provided you have a license and follow all laws and regulations.

Can an Arctic fox hunt deer?

No, they do not hunt deer.

When was The Deer Hunt created?

The Deer Hunt was created in 1972.

Can a 22 rifle kill a deer?

Maybe. Depends on where the deer is shot, from what distance. Much more likely to WOUND the deer- which is why in most US states, it is not legal to deer hunt with a .22 rimfire.

Is it legal to shoot a deer at night?

(in the US) No, you may not hunt after sundown in any jurisdiction I am aware of.

Can you hunt with a semi-auto shotgun for deer in pa?

Sure.. It might not be legal though...

Can the felone uSE a bow to deer hunt?

You can hunt a deer with a bow

Do deer hunt in packs?

Deer are herbivorous creatures they do not "hunt" they graze.

Can you hunt deer in Texas with a 223 rifle?

Yes, it is legal. Texas does not permit the use of RIMFIRE guns for deer hunting, but any centerfire is legal. Wh ile it is legal, I personally do not recommend it. Yes, the .223 can kill a deer. It will also wound a lot of deer. It is simply too small to insure a clean kill.

Can a convicted felon hunt with a black powder rifle in Indiana?

In the state of Missouri Its perfectly legal to hunt with a black powder rifle during deer season. In all counties

Why can't you hunt a female deer?

You can't hunt a female deer. It is against the law because if you hunt female deer. There will be no offspring, and if there is no offspring, the deer population will die out, and they will become extinct........ wrong!!!! it is very legal to take does. in fact t is now encouraged. some states require you to take a doe before you ever come close to taking a buck

Is it legal to hunt raccoons in Missouri?

Yes it is legal to hunt raccoons in Missouri during the prescribed hunting season. Hunting raccoons in Missouri can fall during the end of deer season and usually after. You may hunt coons with dogs or without.

Do you need a deer license to hunt coyote during deer season?

Do you need a deer licence to hunt coyote during a deer season?

How does a white tail deer hunt for there food?

Deer don't "hunt", as herbivores they graze

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