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Is it legal to marry in the US if you're married in another country?


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No. You can only be married to one person at a time, regardless of where you got married. In order to get a marriage license in the US, you have to swear that you are not already married. To lie about that and then get married is called bigamy and it is illegal in the USA.


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If you are married under the laws of another country, you are considered married throughout the world. If you have one wife, you cannot legally marry another. It is bigamy and is against the law in the United States.

Firstly, if the person is married in an another country and has come to a particular country illegally it is surely invalid to marry the person. Another thing, if the person is a citizen of that particular country in which he has married it is his right to first take a citizen of that country in which he is going to marry and then he can marry a person another to his own country.

No, you may not marry in one country if married in another. It would come up in an immigration hearing.

No. Marriage is a legal status. You need to obtain a divorce to marry again. Your second marriage would not be valid. To knowingly marry while still married to another person is a crime.

No if he/she marry in another country the marriage will be not validated.

If he was free to marry and you married him legally then you are married.If he was free to marry and you married him legally then you are married.If he was free to marry and you married him legally then you are married.If he was free to marry and you married him legally then you are married.

Not unless he wants to be charged with bigamy

No you can't. If you want to marry a person in another country divorse the person you are already married to. ohh and by the way spell the us like this: U.S - then wikianswers will know that us meens U.S.A

no you just need some evidence that your married in a legal place

You cannot legally marry if your divorce is not final, even if you go to another country it is still bigamy.

No. An engagement is a promise to marry. In many jurisdictions an engagement is a legal commitment with the possibility of legal consequences if the engagement is broken. A married woman cannot make a legal promise to marry someone else. She is not free to marry until she has legally dissolved her existing marriage.

Yes, it is legal for your sister to marry your husband's brother.

It doesn't matter where you got married. You have to get a divorce or an annulment before you can marry someone else. A legal marriage in any country in the world, is also a legal marriage in the US. You can't file for a divorce or annulment in the US unless you are an actual resident of the US

No. Doing so would come under the laws governing Bigamy. It is not legal to knowingly marry someone who is legally married to another. Your marriage would be invalid. The man already has a legal wife.

No. If you are married you cannot marry another person.

If they live in a state or country where same-sex marriage is legal, then they have the legal right to marry the person of their choice. If they live in a state or country where it is not legal, then they are denied that right.

The legal age to marry in Mexico is 18 years old. A parent can sign for the minor child to marry if they are under the legal age.

If the first marriage was legal, then she is not allowed to marry anyone else, no matter in which country. Bigamy is a serious crime, and may result in imprisonment.

No, you cannot be legally married to two people at the same time.

No, a married man cannot marry another woman under Canadian law.

No, not legally. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Nepal or in the Philippines. None of the countries that permit same-sex marriage will allow someone to marry if they are already married to somebody else in another country.No. He can not.

As long as neither of you are married to someone else, in most jurisdictions it is legal to marry the sister of your sister-in-law.

No it will not stand as ,you have to get married after informing the embassy, so a record is there. Now you are guilty of bigaqmy.

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