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Is it legal to ride a 49cc pocket bike that goes 30mph on tn roads?


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2008-06-11 22:21:10
2008-06-11 22:21:10

Yes, but you need to have a drivers licens and you cant drive it at speeds over 20 mph. I dont have a drivers licens ut I drive mine on the road just whach out for cops they dont like those things.


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Yes but not on Main roads

Yes it is legal in Idaho to ride a Pocket Bike under 50cc on sidewalks.

No they are not legal they must be 50cc or above

They are not street legal in RI.

yes you can ride pocket bike in Miami only 49cc with lights.

100% legal in nearly every country everywhere. that's if the motor is under 50cc. most pocket bikes are 49cc.

That would rather depend on which city and where in the city you were riding it.

no you do not need a license to ride a pocket bike in a brampton but just like the road you got to have a flag so you can be seen

It depends on the state, but usually in most of America it is legal to own a pocket bike, but not ride it on public streets.

depending on the mini quad it should go to 30mph-35

you do not need to register a 49cc moped/scooter but you do need a car license to ride one. you are not allowed on turnpikes or highways and the top speed can not exceed 30mph.

Why is the charger controller on a 49cc change from a four wire to a three wire?

what is the law in MO for riding 49cc dirt bikes on the sidewalk?

you can drive it in grass without a license, but you need to stay on your on property or on someone else's property WITH PERMISSION! but stay off the roads cause you can get a ticket

how do you make pocket bike turbo or where do you buy it i need it for my f4-15 pocket bike 49cc

any motorized vehicle under 49cc i do believe is legal in Washington state. i would say they are on a level of a mountain bike in how fast they can go. i see them pretty often cruising around, those little pocket bikes and such.. under 49cc and no license needed....

no but u must drive on private property or else u can be stopped dosent matter what the engine is it is not street legal

In virginia you can ride it on side streets my friends do it your fin if yuour going 45 just slow down and wave its cool

it is 60 kilometer's per hour

can u ride a 49cc gas scooter on the road without Georgia operatator licences

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