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no, its not correct .......but if uniform is a code then its not correct

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Q: Is it legal to withhold a paycheck for not returning a uniform?
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Can an employer take money from your paycheck if they were told an item was missing from a clients office but never proved I did it I had witness I never took the item can they take funds from me?

An employer cannot legally withhold funds from a paycheck (tender for your services rendered to, and on their behalf), unless you consent/authorize them to do so, there is a legal garnishment/lien in place through the court, or elected voluntary deductions such as 401K. If the employer withheld funds outside of the aforementioned exceptions, you do have legal recourse.

Can an employer hold your last paycheck?

More information is necessary about the circumstances. However - if they have a legal or contractural right to do so they may withhold any monies you may owe for lost, damaged, or missing items which you were responsible for during your term of employment.

Is withholding a persons will after death legal in the state of Arizona?

No it is not legal to withhold a will. It is a crime to interfere with the probate of an estate.

What does the phrase safe harbor mean?

It means people won't mess with you in that specified location. In a legal sense, it refers to a situation where you are immune from liability. For example, if you withhold taxes from your paycheck equal to what you owed last year, then you are in a "safe harbor" from estimated tax penalties, even if you underpay.

Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee for taking local taxes out of your check?

Absolutely "NO". They cannot charge to withhold taxes. They can charge to withhold a garnishment if instructed by the court.

Is it legal for an employee to charge you for a check lost by post office?

If your employee mails you a check and you lose it, or if the post office loses it, and your employee is making a fuss and wants you to pay for the replacement, tell the employee to just skip mailing the check and withhold whatever the fee was from the employee's next paycheck.

What is PAYG tax?

Although PAYG (Pay As You Go) is called a "withholding tax," it is not a tax but a procedure for withholding projected income tax liabilities as money is earned. Under that plan, the taxpayer prepays taxes in installments, usually paycheck-by-paycheck. In the U.S., prepaying federal income taxes began in 1943, when tax legislation created the first federal requirements for the payroll withholding "tax" and for estimated tax payments. The term is the common one in Australia for the employers responsibility to employees.Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding is a legal requirement to withhold amounts for income tax purposes. If you have employees, you're required to withhold tax from payments you make to them. You may have to withhold tax from payments to other workers, such as contract workers. As a new employer, you must register with the Tax Office before you withhold from payments to your employees. You may also need to withhold an amount from payments to other businesses if they don't quote their ABN to you on an invoice or other document if required.

Is it legal for employer to withhold 401k contributions from check but not pay them in to your 401k?

Yes. When monies are deducted from your paycheck they are supposed to be sent to a trust company to protect them. The reason for the trust company to hold them is so no one has access to your funds, but you. You will definitely want to submit your paystubs to your plan administrator to determine the discrepancy.

Is it legal to withhold rental history before u move into a new place?

No it's not legal to with hold rental info from the tenant..

As legal guardian of your brother can you take his paycheck?

Technically if he is under the age of 18, yes, the parent or guardian can require the work establishment to remit the paycheck to them.

Kinds of solidary obligation according to the legal tie?

Uniform and Non-uniform/varied :)

Is it legal for your mother to take half of your paycheck and not give it to you until a week later?