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It is most likely that you will have to have a co-signer for the car. From my experience, I worked part-time, lived with my parents, had no real credit. My parents co-signed for the car. I bought my car when I was 18, almost 19. I had just moved out on my own, but didn't own a house, so I already had a rent payment. I hadn't established good long-term credit, but I had a few credit cards I had kept in good standing for almost a year (I got them right when I turned 18), and I kept them at a balance of less than 50% of my credit limit. I got approved without a co-signer. My car was about $11,000. The one I traded in I only got $500 for. I put down $500, and then post-dated a check for $500 (so $1,000 down total). However, at the time I was working a lot. I wasn't in school and had two jobs, so a good source of income. I was denied by Bank of America, but I did end up getting a loan at a 6.2% interest rate with $250 a month payemnts. So yes, it is possible! Even more so if what credit you have established thus far shows no late payments, etc. The only warning I'd give you is to double check the insurance rates for the you are interested in, which I failed to do beforehand. Somehow my insurance ended up being another $250 a month for bare minimum coverage. I almost died. Woops, that was my post above. I don't know what I was thinking. I WAS in school, high school, so my two jobs didn't quite make me full-time eployed. But if you opt for a cheaper car than I did, have a good down payment, and good, steady job you should be good! A dealership will do everything they can to get you qualified!!

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Q: Is it likely that a 19-year-old who has no real credit but works part time and lives with parents will be approved for financing a car?
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Where can one go to be approved for car financing?

One can go to be approved for car financing at a local car dealer and applying there. One of the most important things you will need is good "credit".

Secured Auto Loans Financing For People With Bad Credit?

If you are a looking for financing to buy a car but your credit history is bad, it may be difficult to get approved for by the traditional lenders. However, this does not mean you cannot entirely get financing. With increased competition in the auto financing sector, lenders have come up with solutions for people with bad credit. To easiest way to get financing with bad credit is to provide collateral for amount you are borrowing. The common forms of collateral accepted include house equity, property and business shares. If you have collateral, you can easily get approved for a bad credit secured loan.

Where can one find more information about auto financing with bad credit?

You may find additional information about auto financing with bad credit on the Approved Car Loan, or Family Loans websites. These websites offer almost guaranteed auto loans.

Financing a new or used car.?

Get approved at a local CREDIT UNION before you shop. Save about 3 to 4% on new or used cars. It is easy to join most credit unions.

Will you get approved for a business financing loan with bad personal credit?

You will have tough time in getting business financial loan approved if you have bad personal credit history. This is more so if the business is proprietary business. The strong collateral security will be useful to solve the problem.

How did GM get involved in credit card financing?

GM got involved in credit card financing in a cobranding arrangement with MasterCard, thus providing automobile and credit card financing to its customers. By 1994, GM had earned $9.4 billion from financing

What minimum credit score is required to get financing for a good used car?

Generally used car financing requires a credit score of 680 or higher to be sure to be approved and get reasonable rates. If you are obtaining financing directly from the seller/dealership and put down at least 25%, someone with a credit score of 650 should find success. If you don't, however, have the income to support the payments, you WILL be turned down.

What does O.A.C mean?

Usually "on approved credit" Means if you're approved you get credit

Where can one get computer financing with bad credit?

One can get computer financing with bad credit from many companies that offer computer financing. MDG is an example of a website that offers this service.

What is the meaning of ACCFA?

agricultural credit cooperative financing administrtion

When cosigning for someone does the bank notify you on the borrowers credit affairs?

Get fast approval for auto finance loan and Auto Loan Financing including bad credit auto financing. Instant auto financing loan provides financing for a new auto loan and used auto loan even if you have bad credit, poor credit, slow credit or after bankruptcy. Our bad credit auto financing programs is available in all 50 US stats. Get the detailed information about your doubt at

What are the fees you have to pay when buying a car from a dealership?

Get fast approval for auto finance loan and Auto Loan Financing including bad credit auto financing. Instant auto financing loan provides financing for a new auto loan and used auto loan even if you have bad credit, poor credit, slow credit or after bankruptcy. Our bad credit auto financing programs is available in all 50 US stats in

Where can one get car credit from?

If you are looking to purchase a new car, but do not have the money available, you can look at getting a car loan. Some people take out a car loan directly from their bank, while others use car financing offered directly from the seller. If you are not approved for a car loan, you can also check out websites such as Family Loans and Approved Car Loans. They offer credit to those who have bad credit or no credit.

Is 247 lending group a scam?

I used 247 Lending Group for financing last week. My credit is less than perfect as a result of divorce. I was able to get approved for $5,000.

If you were approved for a credit card you applyed for?

have i been approved

Dealer Financing vs. Credit Union Financing?

Dealer Financing vs. Credit Union Financing Use this calculator to help you compare financing between your credit union and low interest dealer financing. A dealer rebate, usually not available when you choose low interest dealer financing, combined credit union financing, can produce a lower initial loan balance, and in many cases, a lower monthly payment. The best option depends on the price of the vehicle, the size of the rebate and the interest rates available for financing.

What is the journal entry to write off financing costs?

Debit amortization of financing costCredit financing cost

What does auto financing for bad credit exactly mean?

Auto financing for bad credit means getting a loan for a car when one has bad credit. There are companies that specialize in giving loans to those with bad credit ratings.

What FICO score do you need to be approved for a gasoline credit card?

It's too difficult to say exactly what FICO score you would need to be approved for anything since each financing institution has different criteria for approvals. Gasoline and department store credit cards are usually easier to get than credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc) but also tend to have higher interest rates.

Where can one find financing with bad credit?

You can find financing with bad credit for auto loans at the Auto Credit Express website. Once on the website, you can learn about the company or apply online or by phone.

Where can one find loan financing for bad credit?

Loan financing for bad credit can be found all over the internet. Sterling Finance and United Finance are among the most popular places to go. Capital One also offers loan financing for bad credit.

Which company offers the best car financing for used cars?

If you are looking to purchase a used car you will be able to find great financing as long as you have good credit. The best places to look are local credit unions and local banks that have a branch in your area. If that does not work for you then see if the place you are buying from has in house financing. The financing you get will depend largely on your credit score.

What are the credit requirements for car financing?

Well the credit requirements for car financing vary greatly between financial institutions. Some will give money to anyone, some want a perfect credit report.

How can I find out my approved walmart credit card status and amount?

was my credit ard applation for wal mart approved

Is it difficult to get approved for a New York life credit card?

It is not difficult to get approved for this credit card. They have the same general guidelines as other major credit cards.

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