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No, it's not abuse if it's periodically. Everyone can get fed-up or angry at their mate and end up calling each other names out of pure frustration. If your spouse wasn't verbally abusive before and suddenly has become so, then it's possible they could have a medical problem and should see a doctor for an evaluation. Medications sometimes can alter a person's personality and they can actually become moody or even fly into periodic rages and also become paranoid (such as accusing you of stealing things you haven't stolen.) If you are in your 50s plus, then there is always the thought of Dementia. I went through this with my mother. We were close once, but suddenly she became very accusing and cranky to not only myself, but family and friends. All of us were perplexed and didn't even consider the fact it was the beginning of Dementia. It unfortunately estranged my mother and I for 15 or more years, and thankfully, when she was in her 80s she had to go to hospital and they evaluated her and found she had Dementia. She was given a good medication and was put into a nursing home as she needed constant care. Thankfully the medications brought her around to almost her old self and I thank God for that as we continued our relationship until she passed away almost a year later. If you are younger, then it's a possibility your spouse could be doing drugs. Some drugs are "laced" when sold on the street. It can cause paranoia, depression and violence towards others and even towards themselves. Marcy

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Q: Is it mental abuse if you and your spouse called each other names on one occasion?
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Can a wife get unemployment if she voluntarily quit and relocated her and children to another state due to emotional and mental abuse from a soon to ex-spouse?


What is the percent of alcohol being involved in spouse abuse?

99.9% of spouse abuse is caused by alcohol abuse.

What is it called when you are addicted to drugs and have a mental illness?

polysubstance abuse

What is a major case of spouse abuse?

Any form of spouse abuse is major, abuse is abuse and no one has any rite to abuse any one or anything.

Is it possible for a victim of mental abuse by a spouse to become abusive towards their child?

Not if they have any self worth even though broken.

What is the major reason why parents abuse their children?

Bad upbringing, substance abuse, mental issues. And sometimes they just have to take out their stress on the closest thing possible: their children and possibly spouse.

What if your spouse refuses to get treament for mentall illness?

If your spouse refuses to get Mental health treatment you need to leave and seek a counselor yourself to deal with your emotional issue incurred from the abuse. as hard as it is and as much as we think it will kill won't...but our spouse might...

What is more damaging mental or physical abuse to a woman?

I believe mental abuse is worse. Physical abuse the marks eventually go away. Mental abuse , those scars may never go away depending on how much abuse there was.

Is mental abuse grounds for divorce in SC?

No, Mental abuse and irreconcilable differences are not recognized by SC

Can you sue a dead person's spouse for crime?

No, you cannot sue their spouse. You may be able to sue the estate, particularly if the estate was enriched by the crime. Cases of embezzlement come to mind as a possibility.

What has the author Betsy Warrior written?

Betsy Warrior has written: 'Working on wife abuse' -- subject(s): Abused wives, Community mental health services, Crisis Intervention, Directories, Directory, Services for, Social work with women, Spouse Abuse, Wife abuse

What are the different forms of abuse?

The 4 forms of abuse are:-Emotional Abuse-Mental Abuse-Physical Abuse-Sexual Abuse

Why do some husbands verbally abuse their wives and what does it mean when they stop caring for the home?

When a spouse is verbally abusive, that is oftentimes a precursor to domestic violence which can escalate to physical abuse. When a spouse quits paying the bills for the house, or controlling all of a marriages financial assets, this is called financial abuse.

Is swearing at someone considered abusive?

Yes it is abuse , it is called mental abuse and things can turn physical if you don't get out of that situation. Good question ! Its not mental abuse, it is verbal abuse, but you need to let someone a teacher, or a parent know, so it can be stopped before it goes to far and turns into physical abuse. Very nice question!!!!

How do you stop mental abuse?

You have to protect your mind from mental abuse. Try to stay centered within yourself. Seek out a professional to help you cope with your abuse.

What type of abuse is there?

There are many types of abuse out there but they are often separated into mental and physical abuse. Mental abuse is when some is not physically hurt but is emotionally in shock or in a state of confusion. Mental abuse can be caused by verbal harassments, preventing someone from communicating with outside world, or when a spouse is acting extremely angry all the time and the victim does not know if they had done something wrong to initiate the anger. Physical abuse is when the victim is actually getting beat or assaulted. For example, it can be choking, burning, punching, kicking or anything else physical. Usually, batter women tend to have to deal with these abuses.

If you been separated from your spouse but did it because of abuse do you need legal documentation for that?

If you been separated from your spouse but did it because of abuse do you need legal documentation for that?

Can you sue ex husband for mental abuse?

laws in your state - some you can sue for mental cruelty. or phyical abuse pa

What different types of child abuse are there?

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental/psychological/emotional abuse, and neglect.

Is it mental abuse to suspect a spouse who constantly lies and cheats?

*Unless you have some hard facts the spouse is cheating and lying about it then yes, it can be mental abuse if you are always bringing the matter up and it's affecting your relationship. The only way you will know for sure is to follow your spouse (that's how I caught my first husband cheating) or hire a detective. If you aren't willing to do either then you are going to have to live with it and not keep accusing your spouse of cheating. There are so many relationships that have been destroyed by jealousy or second-guessing. Some men/women have a problem of trust when it comes to their mate even though their mate is not cheating.

What is psychic violence?

Mental abuse.

Can you die with mental abuse?


Is it abuse if your spouse is vindictive towards you?

It could be considered abuse, if your spouse knows that his or her actions are causing you to be afraid or unhappy and they continue to act that way just to harm you.

Is it mental abuse if a husband refuses to leave when wife asks him to leave?

No maybe he is standing his ground, he doesnt have to answer to you, he is still an independent person, what is it confusing marriage to doing everything your spouse asks...

Is sleep deprivation a form of abuse?

It can be considered a form of mental and physical abuse.