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It is common, but not normal. There are lots of reasons for that to happen. And a few different ways to stop it, but none that I know of can be done without seeing a doctor. You should talk to your parents or another trusted adult and go see a doctor. I think there is no real normal when it comes to your period. Every one is different. I never had a normal period. I would bleed for weeks sometimes and sometimes I would not bleed for months. I never had PMS when I was a teenager but after my first kid I knew it was coming well in advance. At your age your body is still changing a lot and maybe sometimes it just doesn't know what to do. When I was 17 I started taking the shot and it fixed all my problems. I've only had 6 periods in 8 years and that was when I quit my birth control to have my son.

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Q: Is it normal for a 14-year-old girl to have her period once every two weeks?
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Is it normal having a period every two weeks?


Why do i have a period every 6 weeks?

Unless your a guy, it's normal.

Having a period every two weeks?

Not normal. It would be best if you saw your doc.

Is it normal to have a period for four weeks?

no thats not normal

Is it normal to have a period straight after coming off the depo injection and then every 2 weeks after?

yes that is normal try birth control

Is it normal to be on period for 3 weeks?

the answer is no

After a laparscopy in February you have been having your period every 6 weeks is this normal?

It can cause irregular periods.

You had your period 2 weeks ago and am bleeding again is that normal?

I had my period 2 weeks ago and am bleeding again is that normal?

Is Brown spotting 2 weeks after period is over normal?

no not normal

Can you have your period through out your pregnancy?

Not your actual period, but you can have bleeding, sometimes even every 4 weeks, caused by background hormones that mimic your body's normal cycles.

Is it normal to have sore breast but just had a period 2 weeks ago?

Yes this is completely normal. The hormonal effect on your body can start weeks before your period and last weeks afterwards.

Is it normal to get your period about every 3 weeks?

It can be normal for some women and you may get more regulated as you get older. You can talk to a doctor and they may put you on a pill to regulate your periods. You could just always have them every three weeks. I get my period every three weeks. It is very normal and I am 27 years old. Periods can come every 21-35 days. People seem to think that a 28 day cycle is normal, but really it is average. The normal range is 21-35 days. So don't worry. In addition the thing that got me is I was counting wrong. You are supposed to count your cycle from the first day of your last period. So if you are going 21 days from the first day of your last period that is normal. It sucks...but it isn't bad. Hope that helps.

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