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In springtime, every animal is in heat. Yes, it's normal. Cats and rabbits have "delayed estrus." They go into heat, but don't ovulate until AFTER they mate. For extra pleasure...if you have more than one female cat, the first one to go into heat will "encourage" every cat you have to go into heat at the same time.

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Q: Is it normal for a cat to be in heat for most of a month?
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Your cat is bleeding from her private area?

If a cat is bleeding from her private area then that means the cat is in heat. A cat will be heat once each month.

Is a female cat in heat called a slut?

of course's totally normal for a female cat to be in heat.

Can a 8 month old female cat be spayed while on heat?

Not while in heat, but after.

Is it normal for a six-month-old orange male cat to act like he is going in heat like your girl cat and what do you do?

Yes, a male cat only does that because a female that is in heat is near! Just make sure he doesn't get out, the other owner might get kittens! you dont want that responsibility!

What does it mean if your cat is breathing faster then normal?

If your cat is breathing faster than normal it could mean that it is overheated. Get your cat inside or out of the heat as soon as possible.

When five month female cats go to heat is it normal to eat and drink less?

no they should be drinking more eating less not less of both. the cat will become dehydrated if drinking less water in the heat.

What is the normal age for a cat to go into heat?

The first heat is around 6 months old.

Is it normal for a female cat in heat to drink and eat less?

Yes, it is.

When is cat month?

There is no cat month ! But it can be when you get a cat .

How early does a cat go into heat?

They can go into heat around the fourth or fifth month of their lives. Usually by the age of six months, a female cat has already had at least one cycle.

Is it normal for a 7 month spayed female cat to go missing for days?

nope not all

Most popular breed of cat?

The most popular breed is probably the Moggy which is just a normal cat with no particular breed.

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