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Children cry when they are distressed. They become distressed when they are frustrated in achieving what they need or want. Your children are distressed and most children are at some stage. This can happen if they are refused a treat that they would normally be able to have, or more seriously when they feel frightened and insecure.

The difficult job of a parent is to be able to ensure that a child meets and deals with necessary frustrations as part of his development, but also that he is protected from unnecessary stress, such as bullying abuse and neglect.

Difficulties at home can cause anxiety and insecurity, making separation from a parent more distressing. Also one child's distress and your attentive response may make the behaviour appear a useful attention gaining strategy for the other. Or the second child may be distressed at his brother's and I am sure, your own distress.

If you are concerned about what is happening in the Nursery School environment, insist that your concerns are addressed. A good nursery should be able to tell you more about your children's behaviour,likes and dislikes and how they get along with others.

Each child is an individual and responds differently. Teach them to express difficult feelings as well as good ones and reassure them that you accept them no matter what.

Set boundaries on behaviours by all means but expressions of distress are beyond a nursery school child's abilities

AnswerIf child begins to cry after a period of no crying it is normal. This is called reapproachment, also known as separation anxiety. The child has realized that he/she is alone and is his/her own person. This causes them to want to reconnect with their caregiver because they are afraid. All they need is refueling. This concept is Margarette Mahlers, so if you have any more questions about it, research her some more. AnswerMy two year old had been going to the same babysitter since she was born. For some reason, when she turned two she would cry every time I dropped her off. I thought the same thing - that this is normal and every kid does this. After two weeks of this my mothery instinct I guess you can call it said something was wrong. She knew the way to the sitters house and would start crying 1/2 mile before we would get there. I asked her all the normal questions like "do you get in trouble", "are the other kids bothering you", "do you like the babysitter"? To everything she said no. I pulled her out of that sitters and put her in a daycare. She cried twice and then never again. I do believe it is normal for children to cry and have separation anxiety but just remember you're the mom, you know your child the best and if instinct tells you something is wrong, switch daycares. AnswerIf a child started behaving as mentioned, I would feel that I wasn't being a good parent if I didn't investigate the possibiliy that the child was facing some form of abuse, even if only from another child. Experience has proven the accuracy of my theory. Assume nothing, and find out the facts. You owe it to your child. AnswerIt is normal if there has been a change in the house, whether big or small. The child is probably just expressing his need for his parents, which all kids do. Make sure you emphasize how much fun school is! Also, make sure you go in and speak to the teacher and see how your child interacts with other kids. If he/she doesn't make friends easily, maybe try to organize a playdate with a kid in the class on a weekend. This may ease the anxiety and make your child feel like he has an ally at school. Good luck. AnswerIf the child has been tear free for 3 months and happy, I would first suspect that something or someone at school is worrying him/her and making them unhappy. Talk to the child gently to try and find out why exactly he/she is upset now. If necessary ask the teachers if they can identify any possible causes. AnswerI remember being in first grade - I cried almost the whole day of school. My teacher would hold me in her lap and just rest me there....but i really don't know why i cried every single day. and then my mom used to walk me and my brother to school everyday and then one day she wanted us to walk by ourselves and i cried and ran home i didnt want to walk without my mom to school...i think i had or do have separation anxiety but it was just weird. AnswerI would consider what the situations are both at school and at anything happening that could create anxiety for your child? And remember, children are very intuitive and react emotionally to things that we as adults may not take much notice of. You don't mention how old your children are, but talking with them usually helps.
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Q: Is it normal for children to begin crying after being dropped off at school after three months without crying at all when they are dropped off?
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