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Is it normal for kittens to have split-ended whiskers?

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When do kittens get whiskers?

They are born with them

Why don't catfish have kittens?

Catfish do have children, but they are not called kittens. The catfish got its name by the whiskers it.

What measurement would you have to use to measure a kittens whiskers?

Probably Centimeters.

What food should be given to kittens?

well this is your answer kitten's whiskers you get it from Woolworths

Why are my kitten's whiskers short?

The Mother cats chew them off to "low down" the kittens.

What are good names for yellow tabby kittens?

Names that suit what it looks like etc. Caramel Ginger Tabby Cookie? Or just normal cat names: Whiskers Coco Fluffy

In what movie does this quote come from what can i say you're all I got?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Is it normal for a cat to have whiskers growing on its foot?

I believe that it is.

Your cat is not attentive to her kittens is this normal?

it is perfectly normal. usually what happens is that she leaves the kittens alone so she can provide them whatever they need.

Is it normal for dogs to lose a couple of their whiskers?

Yes, there is no problem with that

Is it normal for kittens to lose teeth?

Yes it is normal. Kittens teethe just like children or dogs. A new set will start to grow in.

What happens if a cat's whiskers are damaged?

A cat's whiskers are very important to them. Cats use their whiskers as a guidance to notify them if they can fit into a small area. Without them, cats can still live a normal life.

Is it normal for a cat to only have 2 kittens?


How many kittens does a normal cat have?


Why do cats lose whiskers?

its just part of the normal shedding process.

Is it normal for a cat to loss some whiskers?

It's totally normal. Whiskers are merely a specialized hair that may break anywhere along it's length and the whisker will continue growing as long as the follicle is undamaged.

Is it normal for kittens to sneeze a lot?

Maybe he has a cold...............

Will a kittens whiskers grow back if they are cut off?

Yes. However, they should not be purposely trimmed--they protect the cat from going into tight spots.

Is it normal for dwarf hamsters to have a bald patch above his whiskers?

No. Talk to a vet.

Is it normal for almost all of the whiskers to fall out at once?

Yes, kittens get "adult wiskers" when they are 12-16 weeks old. His baby wiskers should all fall out and new ones will grow in shortly. If they don't please call your vet. Good luck!

Is it normal for one cat with kittens to take another cats kittens as her own?

sometimes they will or they wont its not really sure

Is it normal for a cat to lose one or two whiskers now and again and do they grow back?

Yes, it is normal, and yes, they will grow back. Cats shed whiskers just as they shed fur. Losing a whisker is no problem unless there is bleeeding or swelling and drainage at the site.Provided there are no signs of illness, injury, or infection. If there are get your friend to the vet ASAP. Then yes, it is ok and quite normal for a cat to loose their whiskers. Even though they may be a little clumsy at times. Cats whiskers are used to help them keep their balance, sense of direction, as well as to judge how close they are to certain objects. So if your cat is missing more than a couple of whiskers and is occasionally bumping into things he never has before, don't be surprised by it. Give it a couple of weeks and you should notice the whiskers starting to regrow.Whiskers are a form of hair shaft that just grows longer and stronger than the rest of the cat's fur. Losing a few is normal as cats shed these just like they shed and regrow the rest of the hairs all over their body. If you notice that the cat has a brittle coat with lots of hairs breaking easily it could signal a health problem usually malnutrition but a couple of whiskers being lost is fine and normal. Kittens playing rough with each other may have caused yours to break a couple of them.

What do kittens look like?

Kittens, probably with the exception of newborns, will look much like a smaller version of their mother. Young kittens usually have very short bodies, legs and faces, which develop as they get older. Like adults, kittens have fur, whiskers, four legs, paws and legs, and two upright ears (with the exception of the Scottish Fold breed).

Why does placing wheels under a heavy box reduce the necessary force require to push it along at a constant speed?

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens sticking my d in rotisary chicken

How many kittens do mancoon cats have?

as much as the normal cat has.