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Your age and the stage of puberty you are in will have a big effect on the length of your penis. The average length of an adult erect penis is 6 to 7 inches long. There isn't an average length for flaccid (limp or soft) penises because their length can alter with the temperature and with your emotional state.

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Q: Is it normal if i have a 4 inch penis soft but it is 5 inches erect?
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Is it normal for a 13 year old boy to have a 4 inch penis when erect?

The average length for of an adult's erect penis is 6 to 7 inches so for a boy of 13 to have a 4 inch erect penis is perfectly normal and nothing to be bothered about at all.

You are 20 your penis is 5 inch are you normal?

The national average erect penis length is 5 1/2 inches, so you are about as normal as you can get.

Is a 16 year old having an erect penis of 5 inches but a flaccid penis of less than an inch normal?


Is it normal if your boyfriend only has a three inch penis when erect he is 27?

No, 27 inches is abnormally small for a matured male penis.

How long can your penis erect to?

The longest verified natural erect penis was 13.1 inches long.

Is it normal for a 45 year old to have a two and inch penis when erect?


Im 11 and have a 4.8 inch penis is that good or bad?

Its perfectly normal. Is that 4.8" when erect or not erect.

What if you have a 7 inch penis by the age of 15?

So what if you do? Are you asking if that is a normal size or are you bragging? The average length of a guy's penis is between 6 and 7 inches when erect so if you have a 7 inch penis at 17 you have nothing to worry about.

Is a 3 inch penis for a 14 year old normal and will it grow to abt 7 inches when im 21?

It depends if your penis is erect of flaccid. A 3 inch flaccid penis is average, however a 3 inch erect penis is slightly below average for a 14 year old. We cannot say what size it will be when you're 21, as penis' develop at different rates.

Is it normal to be 15 and to be 3 inches soft and 4.5 inch erect?


Im 14 and your penis is still 1 inch long is this bad?

im 13 mate and my penis when erect is about 6 inches is ur 1 inch when uve got a erection or normall my penis when normal is about 2 inch so dont worry it may grow

Is a 3 and a half inch penis small?

Yes, a penis that is three and a half inches when erect is pretty small...sorry.

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