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Is it normal if there is a sac but no baby at 6wks and ovary swelling?

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I am afraid it is unlikely. Ovary swelling is normal as cells in the sac the egg came from grow to provide hormones to maintain a pregnancy but if there is no embryo in the sac you have what is called a blighted ovum which cannot develop into a baby.

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Pregnant lady Swelling of leg?

A little swelling of the legs in pregnant women can be normal and just due to the pressure that the baby and the extra fluids in the body create. A lot of swelling, though, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms, should be checked out by a good doctor, to protect both mom and baby.

Which side ovary have boy?

It's not the ovary that decides which sex the baby will have, it's the sperm.

What encloses a developing baby?

it is protected by the ovary

Can a woman have a baby with one ovary?

It is possible

Is ovum a baby?

No. A ovum is the egg in a woman's ovary.

When the seed develops it is attached to the ovary. Which part of the seed shows that it was once attached to the ovary?

The epicotyl is the upper part of the baby plant. What will the epicotyl become when the baby plant grows?

What will a fertilized ovary became?

If you mean botany, then a fertilized plant ovary becomes fruit. In humans, a fertilized ovum (not the entire ovary) will likely become a fetus, and a baby if carried to full-term.

Can you get pregnant when you had a hysterectomy if you only have a ovary?

No. There is no uterus and therefore no where for the baby to grow.

Would cause vaginal swelling during your third trimester?

There is a lot of pressure on the lower part of your body (waist down) by the third trimester because the baby is quite heavy now (and then there's all the amniotic fluid too). It is very normal to get this kind of swelling

Can a woman with one ovary have more than one baby at a time?

It is possible.

Is a baby temperature 94.1 normal?

Is 94.1 normal temperature for baby

Is it possible to have a baby if you had a cyst on your ovary and they had to remove the right ovary and the fallopian tube?

Yes you have 2 ovary's after all, and if the remaining one is healthy you should be able to have children.

How child grow in overy?

The baby grows in the womb, not in the ovary. Eggs come from the ovaries.

Had partial hysterectomy but want a baby?

If you still have an ovary it could be possible. Talk to your doctor.

Is circumssion necessary?

my baby had congenital hydrocele and after circumssion the swelling is increased .

Can a reproductive system function if it only have one ovary?

yes because you still have another one. because you only need one egg cell to make a baby and one ovary can produce egg cell by no help by the other ovary

Pregnancy in left ovary is boy or girl baby?

The sex of a baby is not determined by which ovary the egg was released from. The father's sperm is the determining factor. All eggs are X chromosomes and if the sperm is a X as well you will have a girl, if it is a Y then expect a little boy.

What is a baby bump?

A baby bump is a visible sign of pregnancy, displaying itself as abdominal swelling in a pregnant woman.

Does vaginal swelling occur during pregnancy?

Swelling occurs all over. You have to have extra blood in your system (some for you, some for baby) and this causes tissue swelling for most women. Hope this helps!

Can you get baby Toad in Mario Kart DS?

Normal toad himself is a baby, therefor you can not unlock a baby of normal toad.

How long do Baby coots have their red heads?

Until the swelling goes down .

What is the normal weight of an 8months old baby?

In order for you to check the normal weight of the baby, you need first to indicate the gender of the baby and his or her present weight. This information is needed to check the baby's normal weight using a baby weight percentile calculator. From then on, you can refer to the WHO Baby Growth Chart, so you can determine the normal weight of the baby at that particular age.

How can you check that your right fallopian tube is safe enough to try for a baby after your left was removed following a ruptured ectopic are there tests that can be done to ensure tube is normal?

There are tests to see if that ovary is ovulating. You need to go see a OB/GYN for that.

When does a baby have normal brain waves?

The baby has normal brain waves between 6 and 8 weeks into the pregnancy.

What is the normal blood pressure for newborn baby?

The normal blood pressure for a newborn baby is 64 over 41. The normal pulse rate for a newborn baby is 120 to 160 beats per minute.

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