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No, it's not normal. You should go to the doctor, you may need to get a new kind of pill. And you should use a back up method of Birth Control in the meantime. You pill may not be working and you could get pregnant. Just went to doctor today and asked very same question. She said that it is not uncommon. She said your system will eventually adjust and there should be nothing to worry about. I asked her if my chances of getting pregnant are higher when this happens. She said no that as long as I take pills every day at or around same time, I am 99% protected regardless and don't need another form of birth control as a backup.

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Q: Is it normal to get your period during the second week of the active pills with breakthrough bleeding for two months in a row yet get no period when you are supposed to during the sugar pills?
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Can you have breakthrough bleeding after you stop taking the pill?

In terms of word choice, "breakthrough bleeding" is bleeding when you expect the hormones in birth control to stop bleeding. On the other hand, "withdrawal bleeding" is what you have when you stop taking active pills -- whether temporarily, as during the pill-free interval, or when you quit the pill altogether. It's normal to have a withdrawal bleed after stopping the pill. You can expect a normal period in four to six weeks.

Is it normal for you to have longer then usually periods the first month you start your birth control?

Not necessarily. This longer than usual period that you are experiencing could be breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is an unwanted side effect that sometimes occurs during the first 3 months of starting your birth control. Breakthrough bleeding also usually occurs before your period, so it seems as if your period is lasting longer than usual.

Are you supposed to have back pain with bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy?

Back ache can occur at any trimester and the causes are different on different occasions. Bleeding in the first trimester or at any time during pregnancy is not normal.

What causes light bleeding during pregnancy?

No one knows for sure...but any bleeding during pregnancy means that you can have a miscarriage... but it could be just your body acting up and simulating periods while you're not supposed to have any...

Is very slight bleeding during the week you are supposed to have your period a sign of pregnancy?

Maybe go take a pregnancy test or go doctors

What if your first time using nuvaring are you not supposed to have your period?

You may or may not have bleeding in the week that you take out the ring. It's not unusual for bleeding to start late during the ring-free week. Just be sure to reinsert the ring on schedule, even if you're still bleeding.

When you're pregnant and you start your period does that mean you miscarried?

No, bleeding or having a period during pregnancy does not mean you have miscarried. Bleeding during pregnancy, mostly early pregnancy, are actually very common. As a matter of fact, it isn't technically a period. This bleeding is known as Breakthrough Bleeding, and it looks a lot like a period. Breakthrough Bleeding happens when the hormones that control your menstruation cycle break through the pregnancy hormones. Bleeding can also occur as the fertilised egg naturally implants itself into the wall of your uterus. This happens around the time your period is due and, again, looks like a period, even though it isn't. Don't worry. It's very natural for a woman to be alarmed when they have spotting or bleeding during pregnancy. But it is all very natural. If you are really concerned, have a chat to your doctor or midwife. Good luck and enjoy the pregnancy while it lasts.

which of the characteristic of active volcano?

An active volcano is a volcano that has had at least one eruption during the past 10,000 years. An active volcano might be erupting or dormant. An erupting volcano is an active volcano that is having an eruption... A dormant volcano is an active volcano that is not erupting, but supposed to erupt again.

If you have a first day start pill spot a for a day start your period and then it disappears only to have it start again a week later do you have to throw away your pill pack and start over?

If you just started taking the pill recently, breakthrough bleeding which is bleeding during the weeks that you are on active birth control, is normal. Do not stop taking the pill, keep going, this is normal and should clear up within 3 cycles.

You want to skip your period by skipping your 7 placebo pills but worried about breakthrough bleeding or spotting Can that occur during the first 7 white pills?

yes you will bleed or have spotting cause it happened to me

Are you supposed to have a period while the NuvaRing is inserted?

Not necessarily. You can start your first ring with or without your period. If you start without your period, you should use a backup method, like condoms or abstinence from vaginal sex, for the first seven days. After that first month, you should put in the NuvaRing right on schedule, whether you're bleeding or not. For a large proportion of Nuva Ring users, that means inserting the next month's ring while you're still bleeding. It's not unusual to have breakthrough bleeding during the first few months of use.

What is abnormal uterine bleeding?

Abnormal bleeding includes bleeding between menstrual periods, excessive bleeding during a menstrual period, or bleeding after menopause

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