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yes you will bleed or have spotting cause it happened to me

2006-07-31 17:48:13
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Q: You want to skip your period by skipping your 7 placebo pills but worried about breakthrough bleeding or spotting Can that occur during the first 7 white pills?
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Is it safe to take the placebo pills a week early to get this period earlier?

That would mean stopping your pills a week early, no that is not a good idea, you could ovulate and get pregnant. You would be better off skipping the placebo pills and going straight to the new pack, the day you should start the placebo - so you don't have breakthrough bleeding that month. (skip your period completely that cycle.)

If you have skipped periods by starting a new pack of birth control every month and now you have been spotting for over a week is this normal?

There is no danger in skipping periods by skipping the placebo pills in your birth control pack, but this may result in bleeding between periods. When you get to the end of this pack, think about taking a break by taking your placebo pills - but don't take a break for longer than seven days. Then start the new pack. Some women note that if they take a short break of 4-5 days when spotting starts, then restart the pill, the spotting is more controllable.

Can you delay your period by taking your new pack immediately?

Yes you can delay your period by starting a new pack on the day that you would start taking your placebo pills. You may experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding during the month and you will not get your period on the day that you usually would get it either.

Will you get your period if you start a new pack of birth control pills instead of taking the 4th week placebo pills?

Probably not, but you may have unscheduled bleeding or spotting.

What is breakthrough bleeding when you are on birth control pills?

According to AskDocWeb, breakthrough bleeding is bleeding that occurs during the time that you are taking the active pills, that is, at times other than during the placebo pills. This can occur when you are becoming adjusted to taking the pills for the first time or if you have been off them for a time and are beginning them again. This is usually an adjustment situation and not serious.

Is a second method of birth control such as condoms necessary while on my period or the white placebo pills if taking birth control?

It depends , reading below you will find your answer.How long have you been taking your birth control pills? If you have only been on birth control for less than 2 months, you may still be at risk of pregnancy while having unprotected intercourse during the week of the placebo pills.Do you properly take your birth control? If you properly take your birth control ;meaning that you take the pills every day at the same time each day, you are 99.9% protected from pregnancy. If you do not properly take the pills as directed you may increase your chances of becoming pregnant.Do you have spotting or breakthrough bleeding? If you do experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding, this can mean that you need a different dosage, typically a higher strength of birth control pills. This also means that the dosage you are currently are taking is not effective enough to prevent you from pregnancy. If you have experienced spotting or breakthrough bleeding for more than 3 months, you should see your physician to get the correct pills for you.Have you taken medication, such as antibiotics?If you have been taking antibiotics such as penicillin the effectiveness of your birth control will decrease. This also means that it would not be safe to have unprotected intercourse.If you have been taking birth control for more than 2 months, have properly been taking your birth control, have not experienced spotting or breakthrough bleeding as side effects and have not been taking antibiotics, you do not necessarily have to use a back up method, because you will still be protected from pregnancy during your placebo week.

Should I be having a 2 week period while on the pill?

Usually no, sometimes you may experience a side effect from taking the pill which is called breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is a nuisance that can last up to a week, which in sense makes you think it is a regular period but actually its not. Most likely you started breakthrough bleeding during your last week of active pills and then you started your "real period" during the placebo week. If breakthrough bleeding still occurs after 3 months, it is recommended that you consult your physician, this may mean you need a higher dosage of birth control.

You didnt take the placebo pills and started on a new pack and am bleeding lightly what should you do?

Get a pad or tampon and move on. Some women can skip placebos without spotting, and some can't. You can try again in the future and see if it works for you. The spotting is not an indication that the pill isnt' working.

Brownish spotting while on pill for a month am i pregnant?

Spotting and breakthrough bleeding is a side effect that may occur while beginning birth control. This side effect can last up to 3 months. However, if you do not receive your period during the placebo week, you may have become pregnant. Waiting at least 1-2 months to have unprotected sex while on birth control pills will be safer because by then, your body has adapted to the hormones in the pills.

Does your period last the whole 7 days while on the placebo pills for birth control?

It may for the first few cycles, you can expect the bleeding to become much lighter over time. The bleeding while using BCP is breakthrough bleeding, not an actual period, as you are not ovulating. It starts in the days after your last hormonal pill in the packet.

What day of the placebo week should bleeding occur or is it totally random?

It really depends. I know I start on the 2 or 3 placebo pill.

Can you stall your period with birth control pills?

Yes, but if you'd like to do so, it makes sense to plan early, as you may experience breakthrough bleeding when you first start to use them, or when you first start to skip placebo pills.

Can you have vaginal bleeding if you miss four birth control pills?

Yes, just as you have bleeding when you are on the placebo week, if you don't take the medication, you can have withdrawal bleeding.

Can you get pregnant from skipping your period using Birth Control?

Skipping your period by taking extra birth control pills or fewer placebo (sugar) pills lowers, not raises, your risk of pregnancy.

Is it normal to have brown spotting two days before you start the placebo pill?

Hi, No this isn't normal hun. This sounds like break through bleeding. This can happen when pregnancy has occured and is usually implantation bleeding or when the doseage of birth control isn't high enough for you. Perform a pregnancy test in 2 weeks. If the test is negative then you aren't pregnant. If you experience brown spotting prior to your next period arriving, then see your doctor.

Can you take placebo pills early to get your period earlier?

I'm wondering the same thing. My doctor suggested skipping the placebo week and starting into a new pack but that there might be spotting and it could throw off your cycle for the next three months. This would still be a better option than taking the sugar pills early because your period wouldn't start right away anyway and it might still carry on into the next week.

Is it normal to not start your period on the first day of placebo pills?

Yes. Most people will see the withdrawal bleeding start between the second and fifth days of placebo pills.

Is skipping your period on the pill bad?

Skipping your period on the birth control pill, whether it happens with normal use or because you skipped the placebo week on purpose, isn't bad. It doesn't increase the risk of pregnancy, and causes no damage.

How can you delay your period by one week?

Hello. You can delay your period by one week by skipping the sugar/placebo pills and continue on taking the hormone pills.

When is menstrual cycle when on the pill?

Withdrawal bleeding when using the pill will start between the second and sixth placebo pill.

Can you skip a period while taking birth control?

Yes you can, with no increased risk of pregnancy or other complications, except for possible unscheduled bleeding or spotting. Skipping your period by starting the next pack early does not increase the risk of pregnancy, and may even decrease the risk. Just skip the sugar/placebo pills the last week and start a new pack of active pills and you won't get your period. The "special" birth control pills for skipping periods are not special at all. They are just typical birth control pills that have been on the market for years, but were repackaged in a three-month package with eleven weeks of active pills and one week, of placebo pills instead of the typical three-and-one pattern. You can do this with any type of pill, although it's most effective with monophasic pills instead of those with three different hormone doses.

Do placebo pills prolong your period?

Placebo pills have no effect on your period at all. A placebo itself is nothing more then a sugar pill, it contains absolutely NO medication of any kind. In a birth control pack the placebo pills are used strictly to keep you in the routine of taking the pill everyday.AnswerNo. Placebo pills have no effect on your cycle at all - they are simply a reminder to you to keep taking a pill at the same time every day. The bleeding you have while on BCP is actually not a period. It is withdrawal bleeding in response to your hormone levels dropping while you are not taking active BCP.You can take the inactive pills or skip them completely, as long as you remember to start using your active pills again at the end of the week.The way women use BCP to skip a period that is coming at an inconvenient time is to toss out the inactive pills and start using the new packet of active pills without skipping a day. This with your doctors or health care provider's OK.

If one is on birth control and they had bleeding in the middle of the pack light bleeding will they still have a period at the end placebo pills?

It's difficult to say. You shouldn't be experiencing break through bleeding unless you've missed pill(s).

Is it normal to bleed for more than 10 days after attempting to skip your period by starting a new pack of birth control pills instead of taking the placebo pills?

This is not normal but it does happen quite often. It's because your body is out of wack due to you skipping your period. See your Doctor if you're still bleeding on Monday.

Can you get pregnant if you skip your placebo pills?

Skipping the placebos to skip your period:Does not cause harmLowers, rather than increases, the chances of getting pregnantDoesn't interrupt your protection