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Is it normal to have brown discharge and im not pregnant?


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Yes. It's just left over from your last menstrual cycle, and your body is releasing it when you begin your next menstrual cycle.

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This is a question that a person needs to speak to their doctor about.

Im interested because I'm.six weeks and having this same problem

brown discharge is ok, but should be brought up with a doctor, andything red should be brought up with ur OB. You should never have rough or deep penetration when pregnant. However some reddish or pink discharge is normal after sex, but bring it up wiht your ob. If the discharge is whittish, it's normal and expected and will become heavier. If yellow and foul smelling see your doctor ASAP!

No, you most likely have a bacterial infection. Go to your gynecologist and get looked at.

no its pink im serious cause im pregnant

Sometimes you can have some slight spotting(spots or discharge) before the period comes. It can look brown or red or maybe even a creme colur, but it is nothing to worry about.its very normal at a young lady's age

if you're getting discharge you're oviouslys in puberty, mcfarland!

Contact your doctor. It could be an infection of some kind.

I had my period then 2 weeks later i had a sringy discharge brown in colour for 1 day but when i wiped their was no sighn of anything on toilet paper. Could i be pregnant even though i had my period 2 weeks ago. Im also getting abdominal pain every day. What is happening?

Brown discharge, is not really discharge at all. It's the beginning of your lining shedding or rather your cycle is starting.

I don't know. Maybe you can help me. Or maybe were having the same signs?? So my stomach feels bloated. It feels like Im nervous but IM NOT. ive been having brown discharge for more then a week now. & IM A VIRGIN. Im 14 years old. I'm really nervous. I have no idea what this is. There's no possible way Im pregnant I haven't even seen a guy naked lols. So help me??

Its highly possible ive heard im in the same boat :(

It's difficult to say what this could be. I would recommend you call your midwife or local maternity hospital.

Brown bleeding is not always normal. Accompanied with pain, you should see your doctor immediately.

no many women discharge like that a week or so before they receive their period. its usually how most women ovulate.

lm 11 and half weeks pregnant with brown blood just started.

same as normal. It depends what you've eaten

im meant to get my period today but it hasnt happened, my boyfriend and me had unsafe sex and i think he pre came in me but he didnt come inside me, i havent got any discharge or anything and im just worried i might be pregnant, how long do i wait before i can actually take a pregnancy test?

no answer maybe it could be Implantation bleeding which is a pregnancy sign or ovulation bleeding

There is a tendency that your baby will be delivered earlier.Your baby is still not viable to live.

It means your normal......... Cramps happen during pregnancy... this is why you shouldn't get pregnant at 13.

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