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Yes and no, I had that with my daughter and found out it was normal but it is a tear in the need to get checked.

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Q: Is it normal to have spotting with tiny blood clots when you are a month into the pregnancy?
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What is spotting for pregnancy?

Light, pinkish or brown bleeding - without cramps. It is not spotting if there is bright red blood, with clots and/or cramping. Call your doctor to be sure everything is normal.

If ive been spotting for almost a week with some blood clots could that mean im pregnant or is it just an extremely light period?

The spotting and blood clots could just be part of a normal light period. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant would be to take a pregnancy test.

If im spotting with blood clots could i still be pregnant?

You can still be pregnant even though you are spotting and loosing blood clots.

Are big blood clots during pregnancy normal?

No. Contact your doctor as soon as possible. There should not be any blood loss during pregnancy.

Is it normal to have pink spotting while pregnant with tiny blood clots?

This is not normal, but it is not unusual. As long as the clots are small and you have no cramps you are probably all right. anything more and youneed to see a doctor or goto the ER.

Is spotting normal during pregnancy whike you have a uti?

I just came back home from the hospital. I went in for vaginal spotting. Doctor confirmed my pregnancy (6/7 Ala along) and said that spotting during early pregnancy is fairly common as long as its not accompanied by chills, fever, heavy bleeding with or without blood clots. I tested positive for a UTI and doc stated that the spotting could be from that. He put me antibiotics for a week. I have no UTI symptoms besides the spotting and twitched/vibrations around uterus. Good luck.

Can blood clots delay you period?

No. Blood clots are part of a normal period.

Is it normal to have blood clots 5 weeks after hysterectomy?

My nurse said that it is normal to have some blood clots. As you begin to heel the blood clots will start to break away from the wound.

Is it normal to have light bleeding for about 8 days during early pregnancy?

For some people it can be normal. It shouldn't be heavy with blood clots in it. That would be a miscarriage.

Why am i having a heavy irregular period with blood clots started with brown spotting?

why am i bleeding heavy and having blood clots ? i even bleed thourgh my tapons

After a light to normal period you are on day 9 and have been spotting for the last 2 days this is too early for ovulation spotting don't you think What could it be?

Get a pregnancy test and find out if you are pregant. Otherwise light spotting not unusual. Spotting large clots is unusual, see your doc. I AM NOT A DOCTOR, JUST A WOMAN WHO OVULATES.

Do you have blood clots while pregnant?

Blood clots are more common during pregnancy than when not pregnant, but they are still rare.

Why are clots in your period blood and lots of flooding this time?

* you see blood clots which are actually clots of tissue in your menstruation -- don't worry, this is a normal occurrence and is no cause for alarm. Blood clots such as these are perfectly normal because menstruation involves the shedding of the lining of the uterus.

I am about 3 weeks pregnant.I have all the symptoms of pregnancy and i now have something that you would think is my period but passing blood clots.Is this normal in early pregnancy?

It can be normal to bleed during the early parts of pregnancy but not blood clots. I suggest you go to your doctor asap and tell them whats going on.

When a female dog is in heat is it normal for the blood to come out like clots?

It typically is not normal for dogs to have clots. It is best to take her to the vet and make sure nothing is wrong if she is experiencing blood clots.

What is the enzyme to dissolve fibrin blood clots?

Plasmin is a normal substance found in the blood that breaks down clots.

What causes clots in your period after a tubal?

* you see blood clots which are actually clots of tissue in your menstruation -- don't worry, this is a normal occurrence and is no cause for alarm. Blood clots such as these are perfectly normal because menstruation involves the shedding of the lining of the uterus.

If you have your period while pregnant would you get big clots and a dark brownish color?

Clots during pregnancy is usually a indication of a miscarriage. Brown bleeding is usually old blood which isn't a normal period.

Is it normal to feel very large blood clots and be able to push them out during a period?

Being able to feel very large blood clots, may be a problem. Feeling blood clots is normal, but large ones may cause vaginal viruses.

Are blood clots while menstruating normal?


Is it normal to get blood clots during implantation bleeding?

No. Usually implantation bleeding is a bright red to brown drops of blood. No clots.

Is bleeding red blood and clots in early pregnancy normal?

you will bleed if you in the middle of your period and near the time of birth of your child. in clots... maybe ask a doctor but it should be normal. Also take asurvey of you friends to see if they have the same problem if to see if that clot thing is normal. If not GO TO YOUR DOCTOR.

Should you take a blood test if you are spotting light pink and dark brown and some light red with no clots and have had a negative urine test but have all the other signs of pregnancy?

You should see a doctor.

Your girlfriend had a brown and pinkish spotting one day before a heavy flow of bleeding menstruation Is it normal The bleeding for day one is quite heavy and then turn to moderate in day 2 and 3?

Can implantation bleeding be heavy until you need napkins? Btw the spotting of brownish blood contains clots, can implantation bleeding consists of clots?

Is it normal to pass small brownish clots with no blood during pregnancy?

if it bleeds in 12-14 week of a pregnant woman what is danger for herself n her baby