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This depends on your doctor. In past experience, if your pregnancy is healthy, you will see the doctor every week in the 8th month until birth. We have been told that if there are problems, then you will see the doctor more often - ex. baby not growing, irregular heartbeat, unusual urine test results, etc. If it is your first baby your doctor/midwife will soon start wanting to see you more frequently. If you have previously had an uncomplicated pregnancy you will probably be seen monthly until 36 weeks, then a couple more times before your due date. (My experience has been in the UK and this has been the best plan devised by research))

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Mucus and pregnancy?

if you are far along in your pregnancy mucus is normal.. nasty but normal if your not to far along contact your doctor

What if the doctor said you miscarried but you didnt have any pains is that normal?

It is possible, especially if you were not very far along with your pregnancy.

How can one find out how far along they are in their pregnancy?

One can find out how far along they are in their pregnancy by consulting their doctor. A doctor can determine when the baby was conceived, and therefore how long it has been alive.

How far along in the pregnancy do you have to be to get an ultrasound on howrse?

8 Months

How far along are you in pregnancy when you are spotting?

that first few months

Can a home pregnancy test detect pregnancy at 5 months along?

Yes, As Long As You Do It Right....!

Is it normal if over the last 3 months you have in total probably been menstruating for about 2 months?

No, that is not normal. You should see your doctor very soon as you may become anemic along with whatever is causing you to bleed so much.

How can you get rid of a pregnancy if you are four months along?

At four months you would usually have to have a surgical abortion

What is a doctor feeling for when he examines your stomach for pregnancy?

The doctor doesn't examine your stomach for pregnancy, he examines your cervix and uterus. Your medical care provider (Doctor, NurseMidWife, PA) is feeling for normal changes in and the position of the cervix. She/he may check for the size of the uterus (depending how far along you are) and the size of your pelvis.

If you are six weeks' pregnant is it normal to have bleeding and cramping like a period?

No not usually. Get to the hospital immediately. Definitely call your doctor and let them know what is going on. Well I had the same thing and my pregnancy has been totally normal.That is why I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was almost 3 months along, because I thought it was a normal period. You should call your doctor just to be safe.

How do you know how far along you are in a pregnancy?

Go to your doctor and they should be able to tell you how far along you are.

You have not had a period in five months and you just took a pregnancy test how far along are you?

It would appear that you are 5 months along! Congrats ti]o you and your hubby.

During a pregnancy when is an ultrasound done?

Usually around five months (in most cases that is when they determine the sex of the baby) and maybe a second one once you are further along depending on your doctor.

How can I tell how far along I am if I don't know the date of my last period?

An ultrasound can accurately date a pregnancy. Also, a doctor can give a rough estimate by measuring after the first couple of months.

In Alabama how far along can you be to terminate a pregnancy?

It depends what position you were using when having sex. Doggie style = termination completely illegal. Missionary = 8 months into the pregnancy. Reverse cowgirl = 5 months into the pregnancy.

How could you tell a tubal pregnancy?

Sometimes there are no signs of ectopic pregnancies. However, normal signs are pain, cramping, diziness, bleeding, or spotting along with the normal pregnancy symtpoms. If you feel like you may have any of these symptoms, you doctor can take blood tests to check your hormone levels and maybe an altrasound to confirm for sure. An ectopic pregnancy can be very serious, so if you have these symptoms, please contact your doctor ASAP. Good Luck!

How far into your pregnancy can you experience vaginal bleeding?

At least 3 to 4 months along

Will a pregnancy test come out positive if you are a few months along in a pregnancy?

A pregnancy test will come out positive all through your pregnancy because it is testing for HCG a hormone that is produced when you are pregnant all 9 months and a little after you give birth too.

How far along is Beyonce in her pregnancy?

She looks to be about 4-5 months along. She is just starting to pop. So exciting.

How do you kill a pregnancy?

By going to a doctor and have an abortion. The method depends on how far along you are and your health.

If you have had your tubes tied and think you are maybe 6 months along could you get a negative test result?

are you even for sure you are pregnant? if not, go to the doctor and make sure. If you know you are, no its not normal

What does it mean if im bleeding and im 36 weeks along in my pregnancy?

Bright red bleeding or like a period is not normal. If you have this get checked out immediately. If it is only a little then you could have had a 'show' (blood mixed with mucus) which is normal for this stage of pregnancy. Either way if you are worried at all see your doctor to put your mind at ease.

How do you terminate pregnancy once it is confirmed?

By medicine or surgery. The doctor will decide based on how far along you are.

When the doctor tells you how far along in pregnancy you are is he correct?

Majority of the time but a ultrasound is very accurately

During pregnancy how many months is 23 weeks?

There are 4 weeks in a month. So you would be 5 months and 3 weeks along.