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Is it ok for a girl to ask a guy out and what does that say about her?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-29 21:01:16

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It's wise to wait a bit (not too long) to see if the guy will ask you out. If not, then he could be too shy and, if you like him enough then it's just fine to ask him out. I grew up in the 50s and you never asked a guy out and if a girl did she was considered "easy" or "fast." By the 60s that all changed and thank God! Some men are super shy and not sure of themselves and are fearful of rejection. I had crushes on certain guys and never asked them out. 10 - 15 years later I bumped into 3 of those same guys and they each told me they had wanted to ask me out, but were too shy. Blast! LOL Now they are married with families of their own. So, if you've waited a little then just ask him out and when you ask, make it sound casual. You don't want to scare the poor guy off. LOL Good luck!

2006-08-29 21:01:16
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If you like a boy and he knows that he likes you but he doesnt say anything does he like you?

ok ok ok the girl has to ask the guy ok im a guy i know the girl asks the guy about in love the guy asks the girl about marriage though.

Girl asking guy to homecoming?

sure whats the problem, jealous a girl has more guts to ask a guy, then a guy does to ask a girl. it`s ok, it`s homecoming.

Is it ok for a girl to ask a guy out?

its 100 percent ok you cant always wait around for a boy that may be scared to ask

What when a girl love a guy and got disvirgin by another guy?

ask the guy your in love with if he's ok with you not being a virgin

What age is ok for a girl to go to movies with a boy?

if the guy can drive you and your parents say its ok i think its fine. or as long as the guy can pay the girl and himself. there is really no age

What if the guy says no when you ask him out on a date?

you say ok i understand then walk away

Is it okay for a girl to ask a guy out on a date?

Yes. In fact, if the guy is interested he should be stoked. Yes, It is TOTALLY OK to ask a guy out. If a guy is shy he will never make the first move on a girl. He would usally want the girl to make the first move.

What if a guy flirt with you and talks to her staressmiles at you and teases you the girl is 15 the guy is 30 her parents say its okay the guy say when he ready he will ask her out when shes older 2?

ok that is a big age difference. and the parents are not verysmart if there going to let that happen.

Is it OK to ask a girl if you're just friends?

no, is no Ok to ask a girl that. Is not polite and will hurt her. Answer why on earth would you do that, girls are complicated and you will hurt her fellings. what you could say ,(not as a conversation starter), is : what is our status.

What question would a girl never ask a guy?

The number one question a girl would NEVER ask a guy is, "Will you marry me?" I've heard quite a few get rejected by the public for asking that. ---------------- On a leap year it is considered ok for the girl to ask... That is how my parents got married.

What do you do when your friend tells you a girl likes you?

if your friend is a boy: say ok...who likes me if your friend is a girl: ask her if it's her

What does it mean if a girl propose to a guy then he answers -ok?

You probably just caught him off guard and he didnt know what to say...

How do you get a guy to ask you out during the question game?

Ask them if they like you!! And then say you like them tooo! And seee what happens! K? Ok byeee

How can a seventh grade girl ask out an eighth grade guy?

flat out tell him you like him. if he doesnt like you then its ok

Is this an ok way to ask a girl out Ok so I want to ask this girl I know out but she is ALWAYS around friends so would texting be an ok way to ask this girl out?

no! girls hate it when they receive texts from guys asking them to go out with you. They might think its a prank and just say no. It's better if you just go up to her and ask to talk to her privately.

What to do if your friend tells you a guy likes you?

If hes ugly you say no way! and just ignore it. If not, you say ok....... then ask him if its true and if he says yes say you like him too then he will probably ask you out!!

What do you do when a guy ask you that they want to be more than friends?

if u like him just say ok if u don't then say sorry

Is it ok to ask the girl you like for advice on how to ask the girl you like out without her knowing?

yes i do it all the time, only to a guy since i a girl haha. but if she likes you then she might get jealous or something so watch out!

How do you know if a clueless guy likes you?

ok so you ask one of your friends to ask this guy if he likes you and if he does ask him out.

Should a guy call a girl babe or baby?

He needs to ask her if it is "ok". Some women/girls view it as an insult.

How do you give a guy your phone number without freaking him out?

I'ma Girl. I know alot of things. 1st, ask him if he has a phone. If he does.. say, "You Should Text Me Sometime" Then mostlikely, he will say "ok, whats your number?" Simple as that. Hope this helped

How do you ask a girl for her mobile number?

Be nice about it say may i have your moblie number, if that's ok with you of course.

How do you ask a girl to out?

Ask face-to-face not by phone or friends. Look her in the eyes and say "Will you go out with me." If its a yes keep cool, if it's a no say something such as "that's ok".

How should a girl ask a boy out?

Ok I am a boy, what you should do is walk up to him say hi and stuff and say "I was wondering if you would wana go out with me" but don't say it in a nervous voice, chances are he will say ok or alright. I am 12 my girlfriend asked me out and was cool about it believe it or not guys are more afraid to ask a girl out than boys.

Is it ok to hit a girl?

never if your a guy