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Is it ok to date a girl who has just been dumped by your best friend?


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Yes, but I'd take it slow and easy because she's upset and probably grieving over the break-up. Yes, I said "grieving" because that's what people do when someone loves another and they don't return that love. If you ask her out and she agrees be prepared that she will want to talk about her ex (and your friend.) Have patience! If you aren't prepared to go through this then don't ask her out. Good luck Marcy


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Comfort your friend, then ask if its OK to date him and if she says yes do it.

First, do they know that he is your ex- boyfriend? If they do then that doesn't mean they are not a true friend. You dumped him (or he dumped you) right? Then she(your friend) can date him if she wants to. You and your ex are over, so why does it matter who comes and dates him next?

break up with your boyfriend, wait a week and then go out with the other guy. unless hes actually a good guy and wouldnt do that to his friend. (date the girl that recently dumped him)

The best person to date is your best friend.

If you like your best friend, then yeah sure :)

Well, if your best friend likes your boyfriend, then I really think you shouldn't date him. If your best friend just doesn't like him, then you should just date him. I mean, does it really matter what your best friend thinks? She should like you no matter who you date.

I believe you can go on date with a best friend. But when you really look forward to these dates . you better look out because ur best friend my become your new boyfriend/girlfriend.

Date the guy your best friend likes.

Date there best friend.

well what i would do is that i would ask my best friend what she thinks and then i would tell that guy what she says if she says no say no way u dated my best friend and i will not date u and if she says yes my best friend says that i can date u and i want to date u too

you should give his best friend a chance and if it makes u happy than do it

That's a really tough situation. Well first does your ex know or like your best friend? If he does like her then its all up to you. Either give your best friend permission to date him or don't let her date him. If she gets mad at you for telling her she cant date him then she isn't a true friend. A best friend is usually forever and a bf is not going to last too long.

Talk it out with the friend, and if she says you can go out with him/her you can date them.

Im confused your best friends best friend. Wouldnt that be you. Unless, Im missing something?

Dickens does not stipulate a date as such only that Belle releases him from his promise

Date he/she an make he/she your BF/GF :D

only if she likes you back if not then no.

No. You aren't much of a friend if you do.

an actoror a her best friend and they think they should date

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