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Is it ok to use a home pregnancy test that is 6 months old?

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as long as the test has been left in the package it shold be ok but i would get a new one As the above poster said as long as the package you are going to use is not open. On the side of the box and package there is a expiration date. Example: Best before January 15, 2007.

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If you have a positive pregnancy test is it possible to still have the hcg hormone in your system from your last pregnancy if your baby is 5 months old?

In most cases, a positive pregnancy test 5 months after a birth represents a new pregnancy. There is a rare condition called gestational trophoblastic disease that rarely occurs after a normal pregnancy that can cause a persistent positive test. This condition is very rare. If you have a positive pregnancy test, you should go see your doctor to confirm the status of pregnancy. A positive pregnancy test 5 months after birth is not normal and represents a new pregnancy or a problem of some kind.

Faint negative line on pregnancy test?

My positive line on my test was very daughter is now 15 months old!!!!!!!!!!

If your child is two years old and you still have breast milk is it possible that would make a home pregnancy test come out positive?

no, producing breastmilk, or breastfeeding will not alter the outcome of a home pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty

You took a pregnancy test 2 months ago and it showed negative you kept it and now it is showing positive what does that mean is this what happens?

If you have an old pregnancy test over time it may change that's all. It doesnt mean that you are pregnant.

If a first response pregnancy test is old could it give a positive resalt?

Well from experience, ANY old pregnancy test can give you a false result. My best friend thought she was pregnant and she owned a box of old pregnancy tests, well she used 3 and they all said that she was pregnant, so she went to the doctor and she wasnt pregnant. Well about 3 months ago, she had the same problem and I had an old one laying around my house so I gave it to her and it said that she wasnt pregnant. Now she is 3 months pregnant. ALWAYS ALWAYS use an up to date pregnancy test.

Can a seventeen year old buy a pregnancy test?


I took a home pregnancy test 2 days ago and it came out positive but when i took a urine test at the doctors it came out negative can the doctors pregnancy test be wrong?

Yes they can be wrong. I had 3 positive home tests and my doctors were negative but now i have a 9 week old baby! my GP admitted that some hpts can be better than the ones at the doctors! Many of my friends have used both home pregnancy tests and doctor tests, and the doctors HAVE been wrong. Although, the home-pregnancy tests can, too, be incorrect. One of my friends, home-pregnancy test was negative, and 1 1/2 months later, she was throwing-up and gaining weight, in both her body and breast area. She went to the hospital and sure enough, she was having twins!

How old must you be to purchase a at home pregnancy test?

You can be any age. And usually the people don't ask your age, so it doesn't matter how old you are.

What should a pharmacist do if a 15 year old girl asked for a pregnancy test to be done?

she/he has to give the girl a pregnancy test if she asks for it

I had my tubes tied 4 years ago i am almost 2 months late all the symptoms of pregnancy home test came out negative have any ideas?

It depends on how old your are. I went through this several times, it could bve a false preganacy or you may be ging through post menapause. It could also be that your cycle is changing. Good luck and hope everything goes well for you. If you are two months late, it is doubtful the home pregnancy test would give you a false positive. See your doctor.

How old do you need to be to get a pregnancy test in Texas?

There is no age limit.

How old do you have 2 be 2 get a pregnancy test?

Any age.

How old do you have to be to buy a pregnancy test in the uk?

There is no age limit.

Can the mother of a 16 year old have the doctor giver her a pregnancy test without her knowing it?

No the doctor just can not do it he has to tell her thjat she is doing a pregnancy test.

How old must you be to buy a pregnancy test?

I don't believe that there is an age limitation on buying pregnancy tests.

How old do you have to be to go into a store and get a pregnancy test?

There is not an age requirement to purchase pregnancy tests in the united states.

How would a thirteen year old find out if she is pregnant without her parents finding out?

Buy a pregnancy test or go to a Planned Parenthood clinic for a pregnancy test.

Can a sixteen year old buy a pregnancy test at walmart?

Yes you can.

How do you tell your pregnant at 13 years old?

You.. take a pregnancy test.

How old in pregnancy does your horse have to be to give birth on howrse?

12 months pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you are 48 years old and have not had a period in two months and you have little butterflies in your stomach?

If you have been having unptotected sex there is a possiblility. To make sure take a home pregnancy test. You are of an age when you may start missing periods so it is very difficult to tell. If pregnancy is a real no-no make sure you use proper contraception.

How old can a prescription be for a drug test in Kansas?

6 months...

Can a 15 year old buy a pregnancy test?

Yes Anyone can buy it

Can you keep a pregnancy test?

I kept my pregnancy test after i got my pos. with my daughter --I just covered it with laminating tape. It still shows two lines and its almost 2 years old.

I'm 24 years old and have missed my period and now I'm 16 days late I took a home pregnancy test and its says negative results am I pregnant?

This is quite obvious. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR AND GET HIM/HER TO TEST YOU. If you have doubts in your negative at home test, the only logical thing to do is seek a doctor. They can tell you FOR SURE.

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