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Yes, you can trim your outdoor cat's claws. Even when they are trimmed, they are still very sharp. Definitely sharp enough for climbing and self-defense.

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Q: Is it okay to trim your outdoor cat's nails?
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How do you trim a panic stricken cats nails?

Don't, there is no need to trim a cats claws.

Can you trim a cats back leg nails?

It is not possible to trim the hind nails of the cat, you have to embrace yourself for a fight.

Do you have to trim your hamsters nails?


When to trim your ferrets nails?

In the ferrets nails if you look you will see where the blood comes up to trim their nails to just before you reach that area

How often should you trim a dog's nails?

Hi there, you should trim your dogs nails after every 4 or 3 months the best time to trim your dogs nails is after every 4 months.

How do you trim kittens nails?

You shouldn't trim a cat's claws.

Rescue Remedy how much to use on cat to calm him enough to trim nails?

Well you should'NT even trim your cats claws because when thy get long and sharp, cats pull off their own claws when they are ready and this doesn't cause and pain for them.But if you trim them they might not be ready and this can hurt them.

Do you need to trim your guinea pigs nails? should trim your guinea pigs nails once a week.

Can you trim baby raccoons nails?

Yes, they are just the same as a puppys nails. Be careful not to trim too short.

What will happen if you do not trim your dogs nails?

it will end up hurting the dog, also they could split and it hurts like when our nails split! TRIM YOUR DOG'S NAILS

Is it possible to trim a turtle's nails?

No. It is not good to trim turtles nails because they cant grip onto rocks. The nails also help them walk in mud.

Are a hedgehogs nails sharp?

You have to trim them or they will be

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