Is it possible or common for both people in a relationship to be abusive like a perpetuating cycle and is there any hope for a healthy relationship?

== == Only if both parties are willing to get help and work through their issues. I know a couple that did, but it takes *a lot* of work. Yet, if your not willing to my advice would be to walk away, because no one deserves to live a life of abuse.

Yes it's possible for two people to both be abusive. It's called "an adrenalin rush." Each person eggs the other on and the sad thing is, it's not really about winning, but just the sport of humiliating someone. One partner can be abusive and the victim that has to put up with it can also pick up the habits of abuse. For example: A woman can be abused by her husband and in turn it's possible she can abuse her own children. Part of it is the feeling she has lost total control and doesn't know how to get out of the situation, but she can take those frustrations out on the children because she knows she has control and they don't. Not all abused women pick on their children. No, there is little hope of both parties sticking together if they are both abusive. It's like one alcoholic helping another and I'm talking about someone who has kicked the alcohol habit. Two emotionally abused people just can't help each other and stats show that abusive people seldom get help for their problems.