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Yes it is possible, but most cable internet providers charge extra for doing so. You want to ask them for a "static IP address".

The other option is to use a service that provides Dynamic DNS (Domain Name System). One such provider is This allows you to have a dynamic IP address, and TZO routes the DNS (such as to whichever IP address your computer currently has. When your IP address changes a utility (which you install on your system) notifies TZO or whoever your Dynamic DNS provider is.



Dynamic DNS:

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Q: Is it possible to assign a public IP to a machine that is connected through Cable Internet so that it can be remotely accessed from another computer?
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Why access to yahoo email account is not possible from one computer and is possible from another computer?

If a computer is connected to the Internet, it can access e-mail. Not all computers are connected to the Internet, so they can not access e-mail.

I have two laptops and i also have wireless internet My laptops are connected to the internet but i want to connect my computer not my laptop to the wireless internet too Is that possible?

yes it is possible

Is it possible to wirelessly connect to another PC that is wirelessly connected to the internet and get on the the internet?

in general, no. however, it is possible if the computer connected to the internet has a second wireless card installed. then you would set the second card into ad-hoc mode and activate internet sharing.

What makes the Internet possible?

Millions of computers and servers. Connected with optical fibres.

Why does my laptop say wireless network connected but I can't access the internet?

It is possible that the router (wireless network) that you are connecting to is not currently connected to a modem (the internet). In this case, your computer will say that it is connected to a wireless network, but the network is not connected to the internet. If you have access to the router, check to see that the router has an ethernet connection to a modem.

Can you get a computer virus when your computer is connected to the internet but in standby mode?

Possibly It really depends on your vulnerability! If you have a great program for an antivirus and internet security then it's still somewhat possible but highly unlikely. It really depends on what you have for safety.

Can you lock my iPod Nano from my computer i lost my iPod Nano and I'm wandering if i can lock my iPod Nano from my computer or their is a somewhere or a way that i could lock my iPod.?

No, you cannot. For that to be possible, your ipod would have to be connected to the internet, which only occurs when your iPod is connected to your computer. Unfortunatly, the iPod now belongs to the thief.

Which of the following inventions made the Internet possible?


What following inventions made the Internet possible?

The computer A+ ;)

What is this possible that if someone download any hacker links then hacker access everything of anyone computer?

It's very possible. In fact, that's how most viruses get spread - through the web. Of course, just having your computer connected to the internet can put you at risk to get viruses.

What are the main advantages of an ADSL filter in computer science?

The main advantages of an ADSL filter in computer science is making it possible to be connected to the Internet while at the same time being able to make and receive landlines calls.

Would a direct TV receiver be connected to a computer or a conventional television set?

It is possible to connected a DirecTV receiver to both a computer and a conventional television. However, the receiver is designed to be connected to the television.

Why does People PC keep disconnecting you from the Internet?

The following are possible reasons to why your computer often gets disconnected from the Internet:Something is wrong with the computer.The software on the computer is messed up.The computer didn't connect to the Internet correctly.You are not paying your Internet bill.

Is it possible to be on the phone and the internet at the same time with your lap top away from home?

Yes if your connected to a DSL line. This allows both phone and computer connection to the same line simultaneously.

Can your computer be hacked if you are not on the internet?

If you have never had Internet on that computer nor used an electronic bulletin board service, then your computer can never be hacked into remotely. However, if you have recently had Internet access and been on a site that has a hacker, then it is possible that they already hacked in. Now, if somebody has physical to your computer and knows or can guess your passwords, it is possible.

Software needed for hosting a website?

You would need to contact your internet provider to see if it's possible to host a website through them. Then you need to run a server on your computer and stay connected to the internet 24/7. It isn't very easy.

Is it possible to get the computer to log into a website after the computer has started Internet explorer by using a scheduled task?


Is it possible for a faulty USB device to break a computer?

it is possible for it to short the board or card it is connected to if its not running properly - so yes... if your USB port is connected directly to the main board it is possible, yes.

Do gaming routers have to be connected to a broadband?

No. The purpose of a gaming router is to provide the best possible performance for communication between computers on a LAN. It does not have to be connected to the internet.

In my org. i have 40pc connected to internet. i have to monitoring from my computer which PC suferring which webpage please guide me how can it possible Thank you very much?

You need an internet monitoring software and a manageable switch, so by connecting your computer to the mirroring port, you will able to monitor all computers' internet activities. Internet monitoring software: Deployment example:

Is it possible that a computer was remotely accessed?

It's not only possible but if one of many features which is widely used.If it is a computer in a corporate network, il can be easily and legally accessed by your system administrator at any time. You won't even notice it. There are many products for remote access such as VNC, Radmin, LogMeIn, Remote Office Manager, TeamViewer and so on.

In an environment where dozens of computers are connected to an internet gateway is it possible for a network admin to find out which machine has downloaded which file?

It most certainly is possible. Each computer, no matter how many are connected, has its own unique number or address that is permanently assigned to that computer. The network admin can trace that number back to the given computer and known which file was downloaded as well as exactly what time and on what day it took place. When a company sets up a network do not fall into the idea that there is privacy.

Is it possible to connect a computer that has an Erthernet card using a data cable to a computer using a wireless internet connection and also have access to that computers internet connection?

yes you can

Why are windows updates important?

Windows updates are needed to patch new security flaws and / or fix bugs in the system. If you have a Windows computer connected to the Internet, you desperately need to keep your security as up to date as possible.

Is it possible to send an email in Microsoft Outlook over a Wireless Network?

As long as the network is connected to the internet, yes.