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Yes if your connected to a DSL line. This allows both phone and computer connection to the same line simultaneously.

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Q: Is it possible to be on the phone and the internet at the same time with your lap top away from home?
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Does internet work without home phone?

You don't need a Home Phone. But you need a Phone Line!

If I'm able to have internet service on my cell phone, why can't I get it in my home?

You must have an internet plan for your home. Your cell phone gets internet along with the service plan.

I don't have a home phone, can I still use your service for the internet?

I don't have a home phone line, can I still use your service for fast internet?

how can i get internet service with a laptop if i dont have a home phone or cable, but my laptop is wireless Is it possible?

Do you currently have a cell phone?? If yes some cell phone companies offer internet service. You get a little usb looking device that allows you to connect to the internet, there is a monthly charge for this and it varies depending on the provider. Also check out this link it shows you how you can hook up your cell phone to your laptop directly, if you have internet on your phone.

do i have to have internet service to get a home phone.?

No you are not required to have internet service to get a home phone but some providers offer great combo pachages depending on your needs.

Where can you watch Home and Away episodes?

You can search on the Internet for Home And Away and the it should appear.

Can I replace my home phone with an internet phone?

You can, the only downfall to note these days, is that landlines stay up where as internet lines stay only as connected as the net does. Internet goes, your phone goes.

How do you get internet service without a home phone or cable?

Get reliable, fast, and safe TV and Internet service from AT&T. AT&T offers bundles with DirecTV and packages included Wi-Fi Equipment and bundled HBO. Save more and get more when you bundle TV with Internet

Where can I get free home phone service?

Free home phone service is not available. However, deeply discounted phone service can be obtained. Home phone service for $19.95 a year can be acquired by using a home internet connection.

Who provides internet service that does not require a home phone?

Yes. Cox communications has a package that only supplies internet and not home phone usage along with it. Try them out, they seem to be preferred by many.

to you have land line phone service plus high speed internet?

high speed internet plus regular phone at home service

How do you remove a phone block on my home phone so a prison inmate can call collect?

Call your home phone provider, they will take away the phone block.

What is free-talking?


Where can I get the cheapest home phone and internet service in Atlanta?

Phone and internet service can get expensive in Atlanta and in some areas it can only be provided by one or two companies. Charter Cable offers the best prices on home and internet service in Atlanta.

Do I need telephone service to have the internet connected?

Home telephone, land-line service is not required in order to have internet access today. Freestanding DSL technology makes it possible to get fast internet connection without a phone. EarthLink is one provider of this type of service. This is a yes and no answer. If you want DSL then most phone companies would require you to have a basic line installed. If you want cable internet through your cable TV company then no you do not need to have a home phone line.

Is it necessary to have home phone and internet both?

No it is not. Some companies bundle the two together, and others do not. It depends on the type of internet. Some bundle internet and cell phone service, however.

Is there a cordless home phone with internet access?

Skype or any device using VoIP internet protocol

Are internet phones different from regular ones?

There is no need to buy a special internet phone or adapter to use your phone with your modem. You do however need to purchase a subscription to an internet phone service like MagicJack or Vonage for example. They will then send you instructions and all the ncessary equipment to get your home phone connected to the internet.

What is internet phone service?

What is internet telephone for home? Internet telephone (sometimes referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP) is phone service that connects via the internet through a cable or DSL modem instead of a traditional landline.

What types of internet access are offered by Verizon?

Verizon Wireless offers internet access through their mobile phone plans and through their Home Fusion Broadband connect plan. Verizon also provides internet access through their home phone, TV, and Internet bundle package.

Does rogers offer home phone service?

Rogers do indeed offer home phone plans, and they offer packages so you can get a discount on a home phone plan if you take TV plan with them or internet, or mobile.

Does this answering phone system offer the ability to retrieve messages by phone call when I am away from home?

Yes, you can check your messages using a special code while away from home.

What is the most profitable home based business?

phone and internet scams

If you get rid of your Verizon home phone will you still get Verizon internet?


I live in Houston, Texas, and need to know if I am required to have home phone service in order to have internet service in my home?

You are not required to have any type of home phone service in order to get internet service. Internet service is available through your local cable company at competitive rates. There are also satellite internet services available in your area through DirecTV.