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That depends on the lender and how long you've gone without paying. Usually the process is that you are contacted by the dealership. Then it may be turned over to a collections agency and a lawyer. Then you may be sued for payment. If its a small private dealership and you have the car loan in your name and you're not paying for it, it's theft, after all. I'm pretty sure the dealership can't call and have you arrested but after awhile of contacting you for payment and the court trying to get you to pay, if you don't show up for court they can serve you with papers and/or have you arrested, yes. I appreciate your response, Yinzer. The situation is just an unfortunate series of events. I got the car loan at a small bad credit/no credit dealership (I have a history of unfortunate events.) I was struggling to make the payment, but remained more or less caught up. Then I moved across country with the anticipation of a better job. The better job never happened and in 4 months I have been unable to make the payment. My ultimate intention is to return the car to the dealership and face the music, but right now I am unable financially to make the trip back to the state where I came from. They are unaware of the move and I suppose that is how I have managed to avoid actual reposession until this point. I would contact them to be upfront about the situation, but they are going to want the car back and I have no way to get it back to them at this point. That's the story - thought it might help anyone else who has an answer to this question. Thanks again. You cannot be arrested for nonpayment of a car loan period.It is a civil matter between you and the lender.The police handle criminal matters.If you are stopped by the police they don't know and they don't care its not their problem. Indirectly, yes. Not for non-payment, but if the lender goes to court and gets a court order directing you to return the collateral and you still refuse, you can be jailed for contempt of court. But you must have really PO'd the lender if he will go to that trouble and expense.

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2006-06-13 03:56:17
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Q: Is it possible to be arrested for nonpayment of a car loan?
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Can you be arrested for owing a title LOAN anD longer have the car?

No, you will not be arrested but you are still liable to pay back the loan.

Can a title loan company repo a car that wasnot on the title loan agrement for nonpayment?

They can only repossess the vehicle which was on the loan agreement. Taking any other vehicle is theft.

Can you add a previous car loan into a new car loan?

No, it is not possible. Your previous loan must be completed to get a new car loan

Is it possible for a car to be arrested?

Cars can be impounded but I don't think they can be arrested.

Can you be taken to jail for a car loan being overdue?

No. A car loan is a civil as opposed to a criminal matter. Being behind on a debt is not a criminal matter, therefore you cannot be arrested for it. Never the less, if you are behind on a car loan and if the loan is secured by a lien on the car, you may be arrested if you interfere with the loan company's attempts to repossess the car, provided that state you are in has laws that make it a crime to interfere with a repossession. But even in this instance, you are not subject to arrest for being behind on the loan, you are subject to arrest for interfering with the repossession.

Can you be arrested for car unpaid finance?

You will not arrested car unpaid. It is a civil matter, but It affects your loan for credit cards, loan for buying new home, plus private loan for your education. The best way is pick up your phone discuss with lender. They could find a better way for you and for them. They make living by helping you event they got mad at you by not paying car loan.

Can you be arrested for a car you owe money on?

Yes, if you obtained that car or the loan to buy that car through fraudulent means i.e., you lied on your credit application. Simply defaulting on a loan is not a criminal offense in the U.S.

My car loan is in default due to nonpayment how do I get it out of default and keep my car?

pay your bill Paid 3 months back current payment due and bank has issued repo Who can help until can get caught up

Can you Lease a car from someone with a loan on the car?

No. In my experience and from what I've read, it is not wise to lease a car from someone with a loan. They can still be held responsible for the car if anything happens to it. If you cannot afford to make the payments and the bank comes to collect the car, and the owner does not have it, they can be arrested.

Can you change the name on your car loan so that my daughter can take it over?

It is possible for your daughter to assume responsibility for your car loan, but only with the agreement of the bank that issued the loan; you can discuss this with the bank.

Can you get a car with an open car loan already.?

Depends upon your debit, to income ratio, but, yes. It is possible.

Can you get a car with an open car loan already?

Depends upon your debit, to income ratio, but, yes. It is possible.

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