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What are the consequences if a cosigner on a car loan sells the car without the permission of the other cosigner?


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2009-02-11 13:57:33
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Possible fraud charges.

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untill its paid off * The other option is for the primary borrower to have the loan refinanced without the participation of the original cosigner.

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A cosigner cannot be removed from the debt obligation except by a refinancing of the loan without the original cosigner's participation.

You can get a federal loan also known as Stanford loan, as it isn't based on your credit history it doesn't need a cosigner. Private loans also don't need credit history and other stuff.

A cosigner is only responsible for the items that he has cosigned for.

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A cosigner can attempt to sell the car at anytime. However, in order for them to sell it, they have to have the other signer's signature.

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