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It's possible to bypass the A/C pump but it may not be easy. You'll have to remove the pump and replace/change any fan belt pulleys so everything keeps turning. Suggest you go to a auto wrecking yard for all the parts. But first, let me syggest this. If your A/C is squeeling even when you're not using it, I'd replace the fan belt and see if that helps first. Sometimes belts just squeel for no apparent reason. They get old or something. Actually, I've seen a few new ones squeel too. Cheap belts. Answer: I've had this problem as well. I got a bypass pully from Auto zone. $40 bucks. Took out the old compresser and in the same three mounting holes I put the free wheel pully in. It is the same size as the compresser pully but just not hooked up to anything. very easy to install.

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Q: Is it possible to bypass the AC unit serpentine layout on a 1996 Buick Regal 3.8 And if so how My AC is squelling and I dont use it and would like to reroute my belt to bypass it. Is it possible?
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You will need to buy and install an ac bypass pulley from Napa or other parts store to bypass the ac compressor.You will need to buy and install an ac bypass pulley from Napa or other parts store to bypass the ac compressor.

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