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I don't believe that it is possible to convert light energy to nuclear energy. Both solar energy (source natural light) and nuclear energy are primary energy sources.


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Solar (Light), Wind and Hydro (Water)

It is possible to convert other types of energy into light, and light into other types of energy; therefore it makes sense to consider that light, too, has an energy content.

The nuclear reactions result in mass loss (or mass defect) that transforms into energy according to formula: E = mc2 , wher c is the light

Stars generate energy with a process called nuclear fusion. They convert hydrogen into helium (more specifically, they convert hydrogen-1 into helium-4). The light emitted by stars is the result of this energy conversion.

Yes, nuclear energy can be converted to light through two approached:nuclear fusion: this process describes what happens in the sun where nuclear fusion of light nuclei (hydrogen isotopes) combine together by nuclear fusion and produces tremendous amount of heat that manifests itself as lightnuclear fission: this process describes what happens in a nuclear power plant where nuclear fission of heavy nuclei (uranium and higher trans-uranium elements) produces heat that is transferred into electricity to be used later in its end user applications including lighting.see related questions below.

Xerox machines do not convert light energy into sound.

All plants convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis.

Light is electromagnetic energy. Nuclear energy is energy derived from nuclear reactions, and the nuclear reactions could be either fusion or fission reactions. As regards the energy that appears from nuclear reactions, it can take different forms, including the form of electromagnetic energy.

it s a nuclear process in which smaller nuclei combine to form huge nucleus. in this process some amount of mass convert into energy in the form of light and light

Light energy from the Sun converts into thermal energy

Nuclear fusion releases energy as heat.

Flashlights convert electric energy to light energy and heat energy.

PV cells convert light energy into electrical energy.

Chloroplast convert light energy. Mitochondria convert chemical energy itself

They convert light into chemical energy.

To convert electric energy into light energy

Light bulb and tubelight are able to convert electrical energy into light energy.

The sun, and other stars, which burn from nuclear fusion

Because of nuclear fusion! The nuclear fusion releases energy which produces light.

the energy's that you use to turn on a light is light, nuclear, electrical,chemical energy.

Photo-voltaic cells convert light energy to electric energy

Electrical energy can be converted to light. In addition, nuclear energy as in a nuclear weapon will give off a blinding flash of light. Also, using fireflies as an example, chemical reactions can also give off light energy.

It converts light energy to chemical energy.

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