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yeah pull the fuse

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Q: Is it possible to disable the auto door lock on a 2004 XL7?
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2004 GMC Sierra how do you disable the auto door locks when you put the truck in gear?

Try going to the driver info center and scroll to the auto door unlock then open up the options of programming, then choose off.

How do you disable auto door locks on 2003 Ford Taurus sedan?

how to disable power door locks on 2003 ford taurus,i don`t have the manual

How do you disable a 1997 Chevy pickup auto door locks?

Remove the fuse or the relay.

How do you disable the auto door lock system on a 2002 Toyota Avalon?

Maint. required light want reset.

How do you Disable the auto door lock feature on 2000 dodge durango?

Find your fusebox and see if you can find the fuse for the auto door lock mechanism. Just pull the fuse out and it should take care of the problem.

How do you disable alarm on Mitsubishi montero sport with out alarm key?

To disable the alarm on the Mitsubishi Montero sport without the alarm key you have to open the door. Otherwise it is not possible.

How do I disable the door buzzer on my 2006' F 350?

How do I disable the door buzzer on my 06 F350

How to disable auto door lock on 1999 Yukon?

You will need to go to the dealer and have the program reset. It will cost around 75.00 dollars to have this done

How do you enable the auto door locks on your 2004 XL 7?

you cant some of the new model cars have that auto lock in the car

How do you disable door chime on 1999 F250?

if you have the owner book that came with the vehicle, you can find in the book how to disable the door chime

What if you try the passenger door key to disable alarm for a 1995 chrysler lhs and it doesn't work is there any other way i can disable it i just got my door changed from an accident?

Either front door or trunk should disable the alarm.

How do you shut off the automatic door lock on your 1996 buick skylark?

There's a fuse for that. I think it says "unlck" on it. Just remove it and it will disable the auto-lock.

How do you reset or disable an alarm system on a 1996 Chrysler cirrus?

There is no way to permanently disable. The reset is with a RKE (remote) or by unlocking a front door with a key.There is no way to permanently disable. The reset is with a RKE (remote) or by unlocking a front door with a key.

How do you disable the alarm on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron convertible?

You can not disable it. You can disarm it by unlocking the drivers door with the key.

How do you disable the beeping sound of a house door when you open a door or window it beeps how do you disable that?

You'll have to find the manual that came with your security system or contact the installer to get one.

How do you disconnect the automatic system that locks the doors after turning the vehicle on in a 1994 Honda Civic DX?

Auto door locks is a safety feature designed among other things to help you not get car jacked, it is tied into the security system so removing the security system fuse will disable it but will also disable the remote door lock feature.

2005 Chrysler town and country auto doors do not open with switch inside?

Did you check on the overhead console? There is an on/off switch that will disable the door pillar switches. It is located next to the left and right door switches and the rear hatch switch.

How do you disable door locks on a 2004 vw jetta tdi staight shift when you put car in drive?

Buy or borrow a VAG-COM, or get your dealer to change the programming for you.

How do you disable security system on a 1992 Chrysler LeBaron?

if you are referring to the ignitian kill switch that automatically engages when you lock the door. If you place your key on the door and "unlock " the door three ties it should disable the kill switch

How do you disable the automatic door locks on a dodge caravan?

Remove the relay or fuse for the door locks.

How do you Disable automatic door locks on sebring?

To disable it or put it on again . Turn ignition key on and off 4 times

How disable automatic locks Toyota 4runner?

How do you disable the automatic door locks toyota 4runner 2013, with keyless system.

How do you disable the automatic lock system in a 2004 Ford Explorer?

This can be done with the code on the door. Check in the owner's manual and it will explain how this is done. If you do not have a manual respond that you don't and I will detail mine.

How do you disable the passenger seatbelt and door light sound on a 1989 Honda Accord?

Unplug the door switch.

How do you disable a door chime on a 1998 Mustang?

The only thing I can think of is to glue the button in the door jamb.