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Is it possible to fix the timing belt tensioner on a Mazda MPV myself?


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Yes but it inot easy. I have done it 3 times. You need to first get a repair manual with photos to follow and read it carefully, and get all the needed supplies and tools. you might want to use a engine cleaner degreaser and a hose or steam clean your motor so it will be easier to work on and you can clearly see all the parts. You can do it without taking of the front grill and bumper and only removing the radiator and fan but is easier to see and get to if you reemove th front bumper an grill , radiator, fan etc. on my 91 v6 the hard part was getting the Bolt on the Main crankshaft to loosen up . also lining up the gears with the corect timing marks is VERY Very Very IMPORTANT, you can doit if you are fairly mechanicaly intelligent and patient and resourceful, best to have helpful friend who has some expierience to call or come by if you have questions or get stuck. there are usually unexpected chanllenges on most projects of this type ; one bolt may be really stuborn or even break or strip off or out,be ready to maybe replace the belt and possibaly the water pump while you are in ther since they are all intertwined, it can be help full to take Digital or polaroid pictures along the way to remind you of how things were assembled in the first place, you may want to replace your belts and hose to while you already have them off . and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Shop around for parts and ask about a "timing best kit" that will probaly sve you some $ besure to ask what is included in the KIT? you may want to get a piece of card board, 1 ft x 1 ft or so and draw the general shape of the timing belt covers on it and the approximae positions of the bolts you are removing and then push them through the cardboard to hold them until you reassemble since they are different lengths and need to be correctly placed. Good luck My Friend Dave 949 678-7103


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