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Is it possible to get pregnant after having your tubal ligation done 4 months ago?



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Anything is possible but there havent been many cases of this in the years they have done tubal ligation. Go back to that same doctor and have them test you and if you are pregnant, they owe you an explanation and some money....Good luck. Yes. My tubal ligation failed 6 weeks after the surgery. I had a hysterosalpingogram shortly thereafter that showed one tube 100% open. Regardless of whether you trust your physician, if you are in fact pregnant, ask for an immediate referral to another, impartial physician (don't stick with the original physician, which is what I did!). A reputable physician will understand, indeed, will be most concerned that you receiving optimal care. In my case, despite having a good prior relationship with my physician, this physician turned out to be both in denial and frankly dishonest once it became apparently that the surgery was probably, then definitely, a failure. I had a lot of trouble with my insurance company and in obtaining an accurate diagnosis as a result of this physician's behavior.