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Is it possible to get your car back after a repoed?


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January 14, 2010 7:06AM


It is definitely possible, because I had my car repoed and got it back (in California) years ago after bringing the payments current.

Most states have enacted Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. You have the right to redeem your vehicle by purchasing it back, although you probably will have to pay the amount owed and not just the payment. Even if you cannot get the vehicle back, many vehicles are illegally repossessed and you may have claims against the lender or others. For example, a repo cannot be done if there is a breach of the peace. Police officers are not allowed to facilitate or take sides in a repo. Many times a lender will seek a deficiency if the vehicle does not sell for what is owed on the loan. There are many defenses to a deficiency case. Generally lender is required to prove the vehicle was repossessed and sold in a commercially reasonable manner.

If your vehicle has been repoed, a good place to find a qualified lawyer is the web site of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.