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I work in a shop that installs aftermarket power moonroofs. We install Webasto/Hollandia, do a Google search and see who installs them in your area, they have recommended installers. The process involves removing the upper interior trim panels and headliner, installing the moonroof, modifying and recovering the existing headliner and then reinstalling them. Prices may very, my shop is the only one in our area and we get around $1500 which is closer to the high end. I would definitely encourage you to research various roofs.

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Where is the location of the block heater on a 1987 Honda accord?

A block heater is not a standard item for most vehicles. They have to be installed aftermarket.

How do you hook the wire to the aftermarket alarm back up if it was cut when the ignition switch was replaced by Honda on your 1999 Honda Accord?

The "best" thing to do would be to take the vehcile back to where the alarm was installed. Honda wont touch aftermarket problems. If the alarm was installed by a previous owner, than try looking up a local electronics store (alarms, stereos etc). they will be able to fix it for you, without giving you a headache.

What is the best aftermarket exhaust for a Honda CBR motorcycle?

jardine pipes

Can you add cruise control to Honda accord?

Yes, with either a OEM Honda cruise control unit or aftermarket unit.

How much does a 1991 Honda Accord transmission cost?

New remanufactured from Honda around $3,000 installed.

Where can you find a Honda Prelude engine?

You can look online, either a peer-to-peer seller's site (ex: eBay, Craigslist, etc.) or a site that specializes in selling motors. You can also go to a local aftermarket shop/garage and price out a motor to have ship in and/or have installed.

What size wiper blades fit 2007 Honda Civic sedan?

The 2007 Honda Civic Sedan has special honda-only wiper blades and you must go to the dealer for them - there are no aftermarket wipers available for it.

How can you make a Honda cr 250 faster?

Get it tuned and ported a new aftermarket exhaust and a new ignition on it

Is there an SRS in the 1987 Honda Accord DX hatchback?

No there is no air bag in any 1987 Honda Accord. Honda installed air bags in 1991.

Can cruise control be installed on Honda Civic DX 1995?

yes it can!!

How do you install an aftermarket tachometer in a 92 Honda civic?

run it to the blue wire on your distributor. That's the tach lead.

Is the GOLD trim only on 2001 Honda Accord SE?

Yes, unless it has been added as an aftermarket upgrade.

Who makes convertible roofs for Honda S2000?

Honda has a competitive price for their OEM tops. Check out $789.35 (w/glass) OEM as compared to $749.00 aftermarket.

What does the igniter do on a 96 Honda Accord?

I had to replace the igniter on my 1996 Honda Accord it was replaced with an aftermarket device. My question is this going to work as good as the original Honda igniter.It will either work or it will not. It should work just fine.

What size wiper blades fit a 2006 2007 Honda Civic sedan?

These are dealer-only. There are no aftermarket wiper blades available for the 2006-2007 Honda Civic SEDAN. Since you have to go to the dealer, you need not worry about size.Aftermarket wiper blades are available for the 2006-2007 Honda Civic Coupe - see sources and related links below for more information.

Is any Honda engine non-interference?

Honda engines bought originally from the manufacturer are considered interference. However, if the pistons bought aftermarket?æhave valve reliefs in them, the Honda engine?æwould be considered non-interference.

What size wiper blade fits the 2006 Honda Civic lx?

The 2006 Honda Civic LX 4-Door Sedan requires Honda-Only wiper blades - you cannot get aftermarket blades for this model. See dealer.

How do you reset or disable the anti-theft system on a 1998 Honda Civic?

In these cars the alarm system works in cojunction with the factory radio. If your problem is that you installed an aftermarket radio the system will not work properly. You can reset this control units by disconnecting them from power for about ten seconds. good luck.

What is the top speed of Honda 400ex with aftermarket rear sprocket?

depends if the sprocket is bigger or smaller than a stock sprocket.

Where is the block heater on a 1997 Honda civic ex?

they do not come with one stock, you would have to install an aftermarket one- Nick

How much does your 1988 Honda vt1100 shadow weigh?

Dry weight (no fluids, rider or aftermarket accessories) is about 550 lbs.

Nissan transmission swap on a 2002 Honda accord is it possible?

No. Stick with Honda.

What size wipers fit 4door Honda civic lx 2006?

The 2006 4 Door Civic LX Sedan takes special Honda wipers only. You have to go to the dealer to get them. (They're not listed in aftermarket catalogs) Not sure why they designed them like this, but they did! The coupe wipers on the other hand are more universal and you can get aftermarket replacements.

Does the 2002 Honda 400ex sport trac have reverse?

No it does not, you can have it installed or specially ordered like that.

What is the width of the tire of a 1997 Honda Accord?

That depends on what size tire you have installed. Look on the driver's door post for the correct size tire for your Honda.